What’s in a Name but Super Skunk Is Truly Great

Published : 06/30/2016 11:43:36
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What’s in a Name but Super Skunk Is Truly Great

The smell and the flavor are both attractive in a grim kind of way. The high is addictive too and pleasantly so without the buzz body feel.  

The Super Skunk origins and highs


The game of cross breeding does go on and on in the eternal search for the better and the best. Skunk I and Afghani hash represent the parentage as so we understand better how the potent product came into being. The Afghan parent had immense resin in a traditional pure variety. It was not so long ago either around 1990. The feeling of infinite space and whirling memories racing past is the unique experience. Everybody loves it. Euphoria is the right word that communicates the special feeling to treasure across the oasis of time into the next experience. The high is mighty strong too as indicated by the name and lasts long indeed, a user’s delight certainly. Some strains create frustrating highs but in this case it is all within control, pleasantly so. The sensations in the mind make you pause but that is the essential nature of the cannabis experience when you introspect. 


Shall we call it a multi-purpose weed?


 Not only is this strain easy to grow but is famous for its medicinal qualities and every marijuana strain does carry a little bit of the same potential like every apple does. Even the beginner would face no difficulty in growing the plant. Don’t forget that growing pot is well into becoming a billion dollar enterprise across many of the fifty states in America. Medical highs are the new definition with pharmaceutical companies set to launch medicines based on marijuana. Snacks and beverages containing weed are supplied in plush eating places and the business is just commencing before it reaches sky high as laws loosen up in more and more American states.  

Many awards confirm the truth about SS seeds


Now that the world is well into the cannabis culture in traditional legal free places like the Netherlands, competitions and awards annually have become great attractions. Over ten years this highly popular strain achieved many distinctions and has been awarded so very often. No doubt remains of the authenticity of the strain and medicinal properties together with the allure of the high have fixed its awesome reputation. The status grows and grows each time the high is experienced and that happens all the time in clubs and resorts, homes, restaurants and concerts.  

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