What Kind of Weed is OG Kush?

Published : 11/16/2016 12:51:34
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What Kind of Weed is OG Kush?

It is definitely one of the most famous medical marijuana strains that is grown and also sold by the dispensaries today.


The popularity has actually shot up among the musicians, celebrities and also medical marijuana patients. It is known particularly for the highly condensed buds that are sticky, and also creates a full body warp.

OG Kush is regarded as a powerful medication, which is good when it comes to easing body ailments like depression, chronic migraines, anxiety, stomach disorders, and other disorders. OG Kush is a very strong Hybrid, which will put you in an intense trance that will have you off inthe space for a couple of hours.

What Exactly Is OG?

There are a lot of misconceptions about OG Kush; one of the common confusions people have is that they are not sure as to where the strain is coming from and the specific genetics that OG Kush has. There are so many sources that mention about OG Kush; however, the truth about this is not known.

One of the trusted accounts that explain the actual origin of OG Kush strain is stated below.

Kailua Kid from one of the popular brands Sierra Seed Company feels that in late 92’ a grower in the northern California got his hands on the popular Chemdawg strain. He then went on to say that this was then shared with one of his fellow growers from the Sunset Beach, who then claimed that he had a male that was the “main ingredient” for breeding. The male was basically a cross of Old World Paki Kush and Lemon Thai and it was a proper mix for Chemdawg. These buds then became hugely famous in L.A by the end of 1995.

There have also been other theories about the origination of OG Kush. There are some people who believe that OG is actually a memorial to the overgrown site, which happened to be the globe’s most popular cannabis site until the year 2006.They were then shut down by the Police of Canada for distributing the seeds illegally. There are other sets of people who believe that OG stands for Original Gangster, which was a strain from San Fernando Valley that is in Los Angeles. There are also rumors that the plant, which produced the OGs, became very popular in California, pointing the region on the medical marijuana maps.

This also makes it a highly risky investment for the growers, which tends to bring down the supply. In spite of this fact, OG Kush is majorly sought out because it is totally unique when it comes to taste, its look and feel and mainly because it can drive people so high –thisis certainly not for the weak hearts. The buds are mostly green in color with crystallization; this will leave the fingers totally sticky if you are handling it. If it is grown properly, the strain is actually a delicacy,whichmost certainly deserves a spot on all marijuana lovers’ wishlist.

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