What are the Reasons behind Rising Popularity of Northern Light x Shiva Strain?

Published : 12/24/2014 15:41:42
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What are the Reasons behind Rising Popularity of Northern Light x Shiva Strain?

Being a vigorous indica, Northern Light x Shiva is very easy to clone and grow. Above all, it still retains the favorite NL odor that smokers simple love while medicating on the strain. 

Combination of Two Classic Strains

The timeless classic is made combining two of those inidca cannabis that are considered as legendary strains in the world of cannabis and they are Shiva coming from Indian Himalayas and Northern Lights coming from Afghanistan. Both these strains are the number one cannabis seeds in their regions and both of them equally responsible for a major part of black hashish production every year.

Large Thick Buds With Beautiful Resins

Towards the growing weeks, you can see large buds that are thick and solid and are coated with beautiful resin crystals. Compared to the regular NL the smoke is spicier and its flavor is definitely more complex. The effect caused is hugely energetic and positive contrary to incapacitating effect caused by other most of its contemporaries. 

18% THC Levels

It has an impressive THC level of around 18%. The guerrilla growers who are always impatient and insecure about their plantation benefit the most from a strain like Northern Light x Shiva as it has a very short flowering period. The easy growth cycle also helps the new growers to join the party with minimum hiccups. The leaves that are light green in color are dense and thick. 

Gives You an Unmatched High

The indica content of the strain is responsible for the strong pot, but it is the small Sativa percentage in the strain that gives the high smokers look for in this cannabis strain. Overall the smokers are guaranteed to get a powerful long lasting body stone that is more energy and positivity. Even though the strain is best suitable for indoor growing because of the small size of the plants, it can also be grown outdoor without much difficulty. In either case it is expected to have a flowering period of around 8 to 9 weeks and number of months before harvesting is usually 8 to 9 months. 

The Common Issues

One of the major issues with Northern Light x Shiva strains has been that growers often suffer maintaining the plants during the flowering period as they fail to understand why sometimes half of their plants don’t flower well. They try different methods to makes things better but mostly in vain. 

The Quality of Seeds

The underlying issue to this problem is poor quality strains or strains that are not bred properly. It is the quality of these seeds that decide the quality and quantity of yield you could get at the end of harvesting. Going with a trusted online seed banker like www.high-supplies.com/ can certainly address most of the issues, as it is known for offering only the finest quality of Northern Light x Shiva strains that are also affordable in terms of their pricing. Of course, there are many other physical and online seed suppliers but finding a trusted brand is crucial as there are hundreds of ordinary so-called marijuana breeders out there in the market.

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