What Are Amnesia Feminized Seeds and What Makes Them So Popular?

Published : 02/17/2014 11:30:53
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It is one of the very strong white weeds and is a favorite of the Haze lovers. Amnesia feminized seeds are what give you Amnesia Haze, which is normally green in color with its leaves also having the shades of brown and orange. The fresh and strong smelling cannabis hits you very fast and gives you a very strong cerebral tingle; no wonder even the most experienced smokers’ love the weed. 

Reasons Behind Popularity

One of the main reasons behind Amnesia seeds being popular with breeders is that they grow quickly and very easily. If you are somewhere in the Northern Europe with a comparatively warmer climate you would find growing Amnesia feminized seeds indoors extremely easy and seamless. In the outdoors they can attain a height of as much as 2.5 meters but in the indoors they normally grow to a level of 120 centimeters. Average yield you can expect indoors is around 60 to 80 grams/ plant and harvest can boost the yield to 600 grams/ square meter. 

Growing Amnesia

You can grow Amnesia Haze either in hydro, cocos or soil. SCROG and SOG systems are very suitable for these marijuana plants. Just like many species of Haze, this cannabis also takes its own time to flower, which is around 12 weeks. The upside is it is this long flowering period that gifts Amnesia plants its distinctive taste and smell. Seasoned cannabis growers recommend letting the plants dry up thoroughly for two weeks before you cut them. 

Top Things to Consider

Even though Amnesia seeds are easy to grow, things can become troublesome if the right quality seeds are not purchased from the right sources and of course if you don’t follow the right process of breeding, whether indoor or outdoor. Buying from a source, which is not trustworthy, may turn out to be a wrong decision and the worst part is you may not about the poor quality of the seeds up until the end. This is why experienced growers recommend a seed bank that has some sort of reputation. If you are planning to purchase Amnesia feminized seeds online then goes with a popular online seed bank like https://www.high-supplies.com/en/ that provides these cannabis seeds for just € 30.

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