Wake Up To the Different Varieties of Cheese Marijuana

Published : 02/24/2016 11:44:13
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Wake Up To the Different Varieties of Cheese Marijuana

Some individuals too would fancy growing their own, a wise philosophy indeed that yields maximum satisfaction. The seeds sold online that reach anywhere in the world via discreet packaging would make it all possible but make sure that local laws allow it!

Origins of Cheese

The Cheese variety was developed from Master Kush and Super Skunk varieties and their profound characteristics remain in the new strain. Cheese has large buds and gives rise to mighty euphoric highs while the smell and taste are enhanced too. The idea of saying cheese and arousing laughter does apply because the stuff certainly leaves you weirdly stoned with an inclination towards giggles. Go for it if you wish to laugh your guts out. Growing Cheese is not difficult either and will leave you with a big and hardly plant that most weed are. They  inherited the characteristics of the wild where they first grew naturally around the world and still continue to thrive seasonally.

Grow cheese auto-flowering feminized 

Cheese auto flowering feminized seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth and contain 60% of indica versus 40% of sativa. THC is in the range of 10% or thereabouts and CBD count is on the lower side. The flowering stage indoors would be reached in 70 days and the yield indoors would be around about 50 gms per plant. Comparatively the outdoors yields more at 40-135 gms per plant.

The recent explosion of marijuana production

One cannot help amazement at the tremendous variety of marijuana strains available, dictated by the needs of the tremdous market of course. In recent times the upsurge of medical marijuana to treat diseases like epilsepsy and cancer has given the stuff a new definition. Besides vast fortunes being made by growers and traders, we can be certain that the healing touch extends to the millions. 

Big Buddha

The CHEESE AUTO-FEM has now branched out into several varieties as a result of manipulation. Psychedelic and euphoric, powerful, physical and motivating are the epithets used to describe one variety called Big Buddha among the many different kinds of Cheese seeds. If you wish to grow this variety, flowering time would be reached in about 12 weeks and the yield would be moderate. You could grow it  indoors or out and even in the greenhouse that professional growers opt for and some of them on towering scales. The strain is almsot equally divided in terms of indica and sativa. The height of the plant is medium too. 

Big Buddha Cheese Auto-flowering

Research and genetics, DNA manipulation and new strains have no limits. The auto-flowering version of the Big Buddha Cheese guarantees superfast growth from germination until harvest. It combines that skunk flavour with the beloved cheese taste. Do you fancy such a moist aroma?

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