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Top Reasons to Buy Amnesia Feminized Seeds

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Top Reasons to Buy Amnesia Feminized Seeds

So, the cultivators need not worry about eradicating the male ones. Though, breeders need to stay aware from feminized seeds. Among the cannabis growers who prefer to buy feminized seeds, Amnesia feminized seed is a very popular strain today. Here is why this particular strain has gained such a lot of popularity amongst the cultivators.  

Cross Breed between Northern Lights and Haze 

A creation of a Dutch breeder, Amnesia feminized seed strain has a very powerful effect and is highly productive. This hybrid combines Northern Lights and Haze and has been the best seller for several years now in Netherland coffee shops. It is popular for being a sativa variety that can be grown like an indica. It offers very high yield and has a strong effect; it can be grown to manageable heights.   

Grow Them Organically 

To get the best out of Amnesia feminized seeds, it requires high levels of light and EC. If top quality is what you are looking at, you may need to grow it organically.   

They Stand True to the Name 

As the name of the strain suggests, Amnesia here refers to loss of memory, which means this is what smokers get to experience when they smoke this variety.Tasting like sweet sativa, Amnesia is sweeter than most of the Haze hybrids in the cannabis market with a brutal quantity of crystal resin. The taste has some similarities to that of Super Silver Haze, with a tinge of acid. The strong and fresh smell of this marijuana strikes you very quickly, giving you a very powerful cerebral tingle; there’s nothing to be surprised that it is loved even by the most experienced smokers.  

It’s a Rage Among Haze Lovers 

Since it is a very strong weed, it is a hot favorite amongst the Haze lovers, which is another reason for its popularity.  Though, smokers should be careful to handle it with respect due to the overwhelmingly strong effect that can cause even blackouts.  

Why Do Growers Love It? 

Amnesia feminized seed strain is very popular among the growers and the reason for this is that they can be grown very easily and quickly, especially in the Northern Europe where the climate is comparatively warmer. The average production that can be expected indoors is in the range of 60 – 80 grams per plant and harvest can improve the production to 600 grams per square meter. Though, to ensure good yield, it is essential that the growers buy good quality seeds from reputed seed suppliers like where one can be assured of getting the best seeds at the best prices. It costs around €30 for a pack of 5 Amnesia feminized seeds. On top of this, they need to ensure good growing conditions so as to get a good yield. 

So, proceed with growing cannabis under the right growing conditions once you buy seeds from reliable suppliers. Within a few weeks, you would be on your way to reaping the best harvest.

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