Top 44 feminized seeds are Ideal Options for Beginners and Medicinal Usages

Published : 03/30/2016 09:37:16
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Top 44 feminized seeds are Ideal Options for Beginners and Medicinal Usages

Available with Fast Flowering Phase as Quick Growers

Top 44 is available to users with fast flowering phase because of which experts call it as quick growers. These types of products do not grow very tall and unable to grow large numbers of branches. Thus, one can consider the product suitable to plant just nearby one another for the sea of green. In addition, individuals will be able to view Indica written all over the seeds. 

Spreads Odor during Flowering Stage

Top 44 feminized seeds are of very leafy products available with large-size of fluffy like buds filled mainly with glittered resins. During the flowering stage of the product only, it spreads sweet odor of citrus to promise users with fabulous taste and obviously, as users smoke its buds, smooth yet sweet taste of citrus enters lungs of human beings to give them with pleasant feelings. 

Leads to Give Physically High Effects

Effects received by users from smoking of the product of Top 44 are physically high one and light type of body stone that lingers on it in nice way. based on effects of the marijuana, it has obtained its applications as medicinal cannabis products capable of providing relieve to muscular pain, lack of insomnia or appetite. 

Indica-dominant Product

Top 44 feminized seeds are available as Indica dominant and high yields of marijuana hybrid products. As the name implies, they are able to flower within the period of 6 weeks or 44 days when cultivated within ideal growing conditions and serve as one of the best as well as fastest flowering strains prevailing in the modern market. 

Ideal Option for Indoor Cultivation

Top 44 seeds taste as sweet caramel and possess fruity as well as pleasant smell, Many growers consider this product based on its uniqueness associated with the flowering period, which remains as 20 days or about 3 weeks less than various other types of typical cannabis strains. Hence, the product becomes ideal for all people willing to get indoor rising with short flowering duration. 

Best Option for Medical Usages

Many people also prefer for the marijuana product of Top 44 or its seeds are that it acts as a best option for medical usages. People consider it as a pure Indica strain capable of providing high buzz to human body. Moreover, one can consider it helpful to give relief from severe pain, relaxation of body and drop in fear and anxiety. Top 44 feminized seeds product available at  to buy online. Main role of the product lies in relieving nausea and pain.

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