Top 3 Cannabis Seeds that Yield Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Published : 03/11/2015 19:57:05
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Top 3 Cannabis Seeds that Yield Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

The biggest advantage comes in the form of higher profit, mainly because growers can reap more than one harvest per year. Typically, these seeds take around 9 to 10 weeks for growing compared to most others that take 4-6 months to give a proper yield. In case of regular seeds, the weed seed growers don’t get a chance to grow more than one or maximum two harvests a year but with auto-flowering cannabis seeds they can easily have as much as 4-5 harvest per year. 

Compact Size

Their small size is yet another advantage as managing these plants become easier compared to other big outdoor cannabis plants. Because of their small size they are also at times referred to as dwarf cannabis plants. Cultivating them on a small scale like in small gardens or balconies is very easy. 

Short Flowering Period

As a grower, you can even hope for getting good results even on a window sill; no wonder the discreet guerrilla growers just love these seeds. The short flowering period helps them get their yield as early as within 60-70 days seed plantation. The hybrid auto-flowering plants are also resistant to moulds and diseases, which makes the life of breeders easy as they have one more reason to worry less. 

3 Popular Auto-Flowering Seeds

Buying auto-flowering seeds and growing them can be a successful process only if high quality auto-flowering cannabis seeds are chosen from right sources such as Mentioned below are our top 3 picks of auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Big Bud: The name itself assures you that you would see big buds at the time of harvesting. The amazing fact about these auto-fem seeds is that they offer a yield of around 600 to 700 grams/ square meter. This is a huge number, almost double of what you would get with other cannabis seeds. It is important to stabilize these plants when they are growing so their branches don’t break from the heavy weight of these buds. 

White Widow: Many consider White Widow to be the most favorite weed as it has been a rage amongst the smokers for almost two decades now/ they are quite compact for supporting its huge amount of resin. The buzz created by this auto-flowering feminized seed is just splendid offering just the right high with sufficient energy kick. Having THC levels of around 20%, these seeds are some of the strongest strains ever. 

Diesel: This auto-fem seed is good for growing indoors and is considered as an experienced cannabis grower’s delight. Even the novices with right minds set, right process and dedication can achieve get great results with diesel auto-flowering cannabis seeds. The growers can also grow Diesel seeds outdoors if they are supported with tropical climatic conditions. As the leaves on these plants are very few they are also very easy to crop and manage post harvesting.

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