Citral: the Wonderful Pain Reliever Strain

Published : 03/19/2019 10:53:00
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Citral: the Wonderful Pain Reliever Strain

Lineage: The genetics of the seed comes from a region of Afghanistan mountain range near Chitral district.  It yields hard, strong marijuana buds on short and thick plants. It is an indoor plant and needs lots of care to be grown well. The picking time of the seed is between middle the September to October. Only skilled growers can take the chance of nurturing these seeds as they require suitablecare. The seeds have a sweet fragrance with a lemony smell and can make the surroundingsfragrant. It has a fresh and sweet taste. 

THC Production: Citral is well known for its high THC levels and wonderful taste. Citral seeds are considered to be a strong tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) producer. THC rouses cells in the brain that releases a stuff named dopamine. This dopamine is accountable for creating ecstasy. 

Therapeutic use: Citral seeds have been constantly reported to have a number of medicinal and other health benefits. These are frequently used to fight some respiratory issues involving laryngitis and throat inflammations. Also, due to its anti-pyretic property when the vapor of this strain is inhaled it eases high fevers. 

This strain also has pain relieving properties. It helps in reducingcramps in muscles by relaxing them thus leading to the lesseningspasms-related problems. So it can be said in brief that the seed is useful for all types of pain such as joint pains, muscle pains, abdominal pain, headaches, digestive tract spasms, muscle cramps, stomach ache and others. Another benefit of the seed is that it increases the blood circulation in the body. It also helps in getting rid of gastrointestinal inflammations and can also be used in small wounds to minimize the effect of bacteria.

Tips to grow: Mostly used for indoor cultivation, it grows hard buds that have fragrant herbal taste and extremely sensitive smell. The Citral has a harsh taste, but a great high. It is very easy to cultivate this seed and hence it’s the popular choice of most beginners in marijuana cultivation and new breeders. It leaves a sweet lemony flavor, which makes pot smokers to prefer this weed seed. 

It is the most sought after choice by those people and growers, who want to cultivate for the first time for their personal use. If you use the proper methods you can get better results and can get yield up to 425g per plant. It normally takes eight weeks for the sweet and hard bud to form.

This crossbreed has long hard marijuana buds, which offer herbal taste and startling high. This seed is good for large scale cultivation, producing a very good harvest. Due to its Indica-dominant properties, it offers very stimulating smell and intellectual high. The strain is typically Indica and suitable for indoor cultivation.

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