The Topmost Demanded Marijuana Strain - Blue Dream Feminized

Published : 01/29/2016 11:01:47
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The Topmost Demanded Marijuana Strain - Blue Dream Feminized

Blue dream grows in medium to high sized high quality plant with a strong structure that yields plenty of resinous and compact buds.  Blue Dream grows fast and develops into a wide and big plant and produces very high harvest.  Blue Dream has set the standards for any cannabis supporter that is looking for a high quality strain that provides a promising crop. This plant is a nice balance between Indica and Sativa and offers very nice and relaxing effects.

Lineage: Blue Dream is native to California, USA, but that did not stop planters from growing its seeds in international soil. It is a perfect balance between a Blueberry Indica seventy percent and a Haze Sativa thirty percent and its effects take the best of both inheritances into play. While its legacy began in sunny California, this strain is now known by cannabis enthusiasts across the world as one of the best available strains of marijuana.

Effects: Blue Dream is a perfect balance of properties and has a cerebral high effect and full body stone. The power of this plant can reach some extreme levels and even topping twenty percent if grown under correct conditions. When consumed, this strain will leave you feeling uplifted, happy and energetic with little negative strenuous side effects.

Medical marijuana patients can use this strain to treat with symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. The benefits of this strain are truly abundant and any cannabis consumer would be sure to enjoy Blue Dream. It is one of the choices in California and in fact it, is among the top ten most demanded strains.

Aroma and Flavor: Blue Dream is a beautiful plant that has a flavor and aroma profile that comes mainly from the strains Blueberry background. This strain has a very sweet, berry scent that is unique and a truly satisfying experience for any marijuana lover.  Blue Dream is used by medical cannabis users to ease muscle pain and to cure insomnia. This is a daytime medicine which delivers fast relief for patients ailing from pain, nausea, depression etc. without any sedative effects.

Characteristics of Blue Dream feminized In terms of yield, Blue Dream can provide some pretty incredibly large sized crops, but it is important to keep the growing conditions comfortable for the plant in order to maximize the potential yield. .  Long internodal sites make for vast tops and continue with rock hard buds all the way to the bottom. 

The tangy and sweet indica Blueberry overtones, compliments perfectly with its rich essence of citrus, pepper and earthy tastes provided by a very special super silver haze. The plant itself can grow to become very tall and will be unmanageable if you do not provide proper care and maintenance for the plant. For these reasons, Blue Dream is recommended for experienced conditions but for those that know what they are doing should definitely give this legendary strain a try.

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