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Sure You Want A Lift And Jack Herer Reaches You High Up There

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Sure You Want A Lift And Jack Herer Reaches You High Up There

Just like we discuss human family trees, it originated from the parentage of Red Skunk and Haze. The names themselves are mysterious indeed though we realize the need for dramatic and picturesque names. They appropriately represent the profound psychedelic qualities packed within the wonder weed. 


Appearances do not deceive

Just like the belief that tasty food must look good too, so it is with JH. The plant delivers everything it promises, looks inviting, gorgeous, and so very special. The dark shades of green in the leaves do present mystical moods. The buds seem to be covered in dew at their peak. At that stage even the branches and leaves are covered in sugary sparkle. Both male and female plants could not be healthier. The plant grows to about 125 cm and the flowering stage is reached in 55 days. Harvested in October, the THC hovers between 15 to 20%. The yield is rather encouraging at 400 gms every square meter.

Ranked perhaps among the very best

Amidst the profusion of marijuana strains that flood the highly lucrative cannabis market worldwide and particularly in America and Netherlands, Jack Herer has dedicated followers. JH is indica based and remains intensely popular among fans for many years who consider it the best. Perhaps there exist too many of the best strains just like the candidates for President in America. Growers are very fond of it and consumers too. It was way back in 1995 that the Cannabis Cup was bestowed upon this unique strain. Since then as many as nine awards have come its way, truly a champion many times over. Besides, Netherlands distributed it medicinally through prescriptions.

What does it feel like

High in the head and a vibrant body buzz too as if wooly headed but an earthquake happening below! You feel an intense high spirit that lasts rather long and that would be an advantage for medical uses too. The THC is intrinsically very high and plenty of resin sits on the branches as if they were covered in glands. The great taste and smell instantly hook the senses. Your choice could not be better than JH. The delicate feel makes it look like indica and sativa combined. Some have compared the effect to champagne, ever so gentle and dazzling too. The truth is that you get a combined sativa indica effect like a splendid cocktail.

The marijuana world has its many mysteries and trade secrets enveloped in paraphernalia of exotic strains. The world of would inform of the latest news and keep updated of the ins and outs of a plant that has mesmerized humanity for ages. Avoid gossip and learn genuine news out there up in the heavens.