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Super Skunk Seeds Have Won The Cannabis Award

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Super Skunk Seeds Have Won The Cannabis Award

A cross of Skunk 1 and Afghani gives super skunk. The flavour from this plant is strong and proves to be addictive. The smell is so strong that the cannabis lovers do recognize it correctly. The smell gives the body a full buzz. There are many cannabis awards given to this plant.  The smoke from super skunk pot remembers our mind to many events of our life. Even things which we would have forgotten in life will be reminded with the smell of smoke. 

Super Skunk Effect Is High And Long

Super skunk seeds give out the smell of cheddar flavour. Many get addicted to this smell and stay near the origin of the smell. Pot smokers like this smell as it is strong and does not irritate at all. It rises high and the effect is for a longer period. Many people do not get up from their place after smelling. This plant can be grown very easily and thus many people opt for this seed. The skunk was crossed with the skunk of Afghani skunks to get the perfect super skunk plant. With a small brushing to this plant an aroma spreads on to the whole room. 

Super skunk Is Hybrid Of Many Types Of Cannabis

The aroma of the super skunk seeds gets the pleasant body high when compared to skunk#1. When these seeds are planted the flowering needs at least 45-50 days. The height of this plant is about 10-15 cm. The average yield of the plant is about 125 grams. Many skunk male and female plants crossed the border of Afghan to experiment with crossing. After many experiments the super skunk seeds were produced. The smoke was more vigorous, more potent and the fragrance was marvellous. Whether it is in green house or in the house the female cannabis builds colossal. 

Lots Of Medical Value In Super Skunk

Super Skunk seeds are grown easily but the strains require a lot of experience to smoke. Many people are addicted to this aroma and are not able to leave it. But when the growing of cannabis is being legalized all are interested to know how to grow these plants. There are many medicinal values for these plants and thus there is lot of demand for these seeds. Afghan- skunk seeds are hybrid and many experiments were made and noted in the catalogues of seed banks. Finally in the end of eighties the experiment was successful and Super Skunk was found. 

Light Necessary For Better Yield

This plant is very easy to grow and the water consumption is very less. This breed is sensitive than skunk#1. At least 60 days is necessary for the plant to give correct yield. Light is necessary on the plant if better yield is expected. Many grow it organically rather than spraying any chemicals. The taste is sweet and with a fruity flavour. Once Cannabis is getting legalized there is more demand for Super Skunk and everyone are trying to grow them in their back yard.  There is a limit for the growing these plants according to law.

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