Purple Power Seeds Grows In Harsh Cold Conditions Also

Published : 09/5/2015 17:30:56
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Purple Power Seeds Grows In Harsh Cold Conditions Also

Even with the harsh cold weather this plant grows perfectly. Indoor is the best place for growing. This strain is more potent than the other varieties. The strain has a sweet taste which is enjoyed by the cannabis lovers. This variety is popular from before, but it was difficult to grow this weed. Flowering took pretty long time and thus there was a risk of mold and disease. The weather was also not tolerable by this plant. The plant was developed to improve its strength.  

Developments For Short Flowering Period

Developments lead to the new variety of Purple Power Seeds which has a short flowering period and not much sensitive to mold and diseases. Crossings with Purple haze and an early skunk has reduced the time of flowering. The leaves are long and the buds are purple in color. The purple of the buds increases if the climate grows colder. As there is more resin on the buds they look bigger. This strain or smoke gives energy and a little stoned too for the body. Energetic feeling does not go down quickly. There is half and half of Sativa and Indica. This plant is the result of many crossings with Afghan plants.    

Full Body Purple Color 

These plants grow best in Holland climate and give its best yield. The Calyx starts with the purple color. During the end of the flowering season, the whole plant turns purple. There is a light, attractive aroma which takes the body high from this plant. Due to its yield this plant has been popular since olden times. Many cultivators found it difficult to grow as it was susceptible to diseases and mold. Weather also played an important role during the flowering time. But developments made them less susceptible to diseases and mold with lessened flowering time.

Flowers Best In Cold And Wet Weather

The smell of these seeds is like cinnamon rolls. The THC levels in this plant are moderate giving a moderate feeling in the brain. The person is in clear and chill moods after consuming the strain or smoke of this plant. A person is not put down by any heavy effect and thus liked by many cannabis consumers. The flower of this plant grows well in the cold and wet weather. This variety came to Europe in the eighties from the USA. It became popular for its effects, smell, and color. 

Popular Due To Its Color

The plants are purple in color due to the buds and thus it was named New Purple Seed. This was a hybrid of many crossings which attracted many people because of its color. There are both male and female plants in this variety. These plants grow taller during the flowering season. Though there is a chilling effect of the strain this will not paralyze the mind. These seeds are sold well and are always in demand. Many countries have prohibited these seeds and thus it is better to know the rules before ordering.

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