Pure Power Plant seeds always produce a high yield

Published : 09/7/2015 22:43:15
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Pure Power Plant seeds always produce a high yield

This cannabis hybrid is extremely fast to flower and can produce super dense buds that  are covered with a thick and heavy layer of sticky trichomes. 

This is also an Indica-dominant ganja, which has a unique  influence of recessive sative that can energize its effect and can add an incredible high. Power Plant is an awesome, anxiety free strain for fledgling producers. In the hands of an accomplished cultivator, she can deliver world-class results!

Details about Pure Power plant

Introduced during late 90’s, this Pure Power Plant invented in South Africa. This marijuana strain is mostly Sativa and has an excellent  growth potential. This is the latest trend among the Dutch commercial marijuana growers, due to capabilities to create  great yields and a standout amongst the most evaluated buds. At the point when smoked, this variety creates a lovely, pine like flavor and an in number social buzz.  

Pure Power Plant, is basically a Indica-dominant cannabis strain, mainly created by blending some of the highest quality marijuana strains. Several Giant cannabis like Swazi, Malawi and Durban were blended to create the most of their high yields and cerebral high until the posterity surpassed any of the parent strains

Pure Power Plant becomes long, strong branches which are the great support to the extended buds that grow in a visible spiraling pattern around them. The high is extremely solid and sociable, making it an amazing smoke for conversing, laughing and enjoying of organization – it’s nothing unexpected that PPP still turns up on Amsterdam coffee shop menus!

Features of Pure power plant:

Pure Power Plant seed is rich in THC and can produce a great strong  high with a fresh and pleasant flavor, smooth and soft smoke and sweet -taste. The plants are normally 1-1.5m tall with small leaves and also the buds are 30 cm long.If you want outdoors planting, you have to know that outdoor flowering starts quite late than indoor planting, however,  the plants ripen fast and can produce seeds around the 2nd week of October. At that same time in Indoors planting, the flowering starts within one week and it can take normally 8 weeks. Its flowering period is normally between 55 to 65 days and can grow up to a minimum of 3 meters.

Predominantly Purple Plants

These hybrids completely adapted to the pleasant atmosphere of Holland and also provide a respectable yield. Right at the starting from the flowering season, you will be able to watch the calyxes on these cannabis plants are turning into the purple color. At the end of its flowering season, more than 90% of every plant turn into beautiful purple color, so that it is known as Purple Power.  

They Taste and Smell Like the Cinnamon Rolls!

The taste and smell of these latest marijuana hybrids  are as same as warm cinnamon rolls. At the same time it has the capacity to provide  a modest level of THC and also give a fresh yield, which can leave you with a great feeling of chill and clarity.

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