Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds like Lowryder Autoflower

Published : 11/14/2014 21:44:53
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Pros and Cons of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds like Lowryder Autoflower

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are a type of cannabis seed that can produce flowers even if they cannot get adequate amount of light. On the other hand, the regular cannabis seeds rely on sunlight or other sources of light before attaining the flowering phase to yield buds and flowers. 

But, this is not the only reason that the demand for this kind of seeds is on the rise among cannabis growers. They are gaining more and more popularity with every passing day since there are several other benefits associated with them. Of course, there are some downsides as well, so here’s a brief insight into the pros and cons of autoflowering marijuana seeds. 

Noteworthy Advantages

The benefits of autoflowering seeds that have lured many marijuana growers into opting for this kind of marijuana are as follows:

Short Growth and Flowering Time: Autoflowering seeds grow very fast with a very short flowering time. Most of the seeds in this category let the growers to harvest within duration of 60 – 70 days (from the time of germination to harvest. 

Several Harvests in a Year: This kind of seeds will always bloom automatically, which implies that if you begin early in the year, you can harvest the plants out of the blue in mid-summer. This means that you can begin a new cycle once again. If the summer and spring are favorable, this could help cultivators to do even three harvests per year. 

Strong Resistance Power: Because of the influence of marijuana ruderalis, a majority of the autoflowering seeds are quite well resistant to several moulds and diseases. They are normally pretty resistant to cold. 

Small Size: The autoflowering seeds’ genetics will usually keep these marijuana plants on the smaller side. They are also called dwarf plants sometimes. The best part of such seeds is that they are highly appropriate for cultivation on small balconies and gardens. Results are good when they are grown on window sills as well. On the whole, they are ideal for discreet guerilla cultivators.  


Though there are several advantages, growers also need to consider the disadvantages before choosing autoflowering seeds.

Lower Percentage of THC: Because of the influence of marijuana ruderalis, the percentage of THC of autoflowering seeds is a bit lower than that of most powerful indicas and sativas. 

Smaller Harvest: With autoflowering seeds, the plants are normally smaller than indica and sativa varieties. This is ideal for guerilla cultivators, but unluckily also causes the production per plant to be little lower as well. 

Most growers favor autoflowering seeds due to the several benefits they offer, thus increasing their popularity all the more quickly. However, when purchasing these seeds, people need to ensure that they buy from reliable seed suppliers, especially beginners who are not aware of good suppliers in the market. They can purchase from reputed online seed banks like, which has a good reputation for supplying high quality seeds ever since it was established.

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