Popularity of Big bud seeds

Published : 11/2/2015 15:06:32
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Popularity of Big bud seeds

Initially the seed’s development started in the USA and after that the production was extended to Holland in the Eighties in search of political asylum. These seeds are considered as one of the best marijuana seeds in the world. 

Producing the seed

Growing the seed is a quite easy process but sometimes extra attention is required. The biggest advantage is that the outcome is always extra large. If provided a space, Big bud seeds will produce more than any other marijuana plant. The only thing that has to be kept in mind while growing the seed is that the branches must be strengthen or a support must be provided to hold the branches in place. If this thing is forgotten, it might be possible that due to heavy yield branches may bend or may even break. Although not tough, but the production is not suggested to inexperienced growers. Sometimes the issues of bacterial infections may arise as the seeds are not very much resistant to pests and mold. It is also said to be a hard plant to be cloned. 

Strain Description & Information

The seed is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain. It constitutes of 85% Indica genetics and 15% Sativa. It almost resembles an Indica as it does not grow very tall. Also the leaves are wider more rounded than Sativa plants. The most attractive part of the complete seed is the huge, heavy cluster of buds. This can be easily observed after flowering. The buds appear to be light green in color with thin orange hairs and a moderate amount of frost on them.

Reviews & User Highlights

The seeds are very popular and used by majority of people. Some common highlights that have been reviewed by the regular users are about its taste, smell etc. The taste as experience is sweet and spicy, with undertones of grape. It produces a strong stoned body sensation. It is said to be a sedating marijuana strain for people who need help with insomnia. 

Medical usage

The doctors prescribe the seed as a cure for diseases like malaria or some other ailments similar to it. It is also used to treat some problems related to females. It can also be used as a pain killer with no side effects. It is considered to be good for migraine, nausea and stress because of its calming effects.  


How to buy Seeds online

Big bud seeds can be easily bought online from different seed banks or shops that grow seeds, but the highest quality seeds are available at high-supplies.com. Here, highest quality seeds with rich, sweet and resinous flavor are available and that too in a very reasonable rates.

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