Misty Feminized seeds are Right Options for Experienced Growers and Beginners

Published : 12/13/2016 12:03:25
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Misty Feminized seeds are Right Options for Experienced Growers and Beginners

However, unlike the product of White Widow, this feminine comes with relatively small blooming period with higher yield. 

Marijuana Comes with Solid and Strong Leaves

Product comes with strong and solid leaves and incorporates lime fresh and green color, while the plant itself does not become very big; rather, it grows as bushy across its sides. Nice, fluffy and thick buds emerge in this type of marijuana and as similar to icing done on any cake, resin layer gives an exclusive appearance. 

Grow in Stable and in Positive Weather Conditions

Despite, one can easily grow Misty at outer part of the property; under stable and positive weather conditions, the marijuana would have best growing abilities across indoors and thereby, grow large numbers of plants even within limited space as possible. 

Gives Smooth Puff to Influence Growers with Sativa

Experts dealing with marijuana products have defined the smell produced by Misty Feminized seeds as skunk musk taken place during the flowering phase. On the other side, when people smoke Misty, the product gives smooth puff and lets them to enjoy energetic buzz influenced with sativa that mainly stays with them for unlimited period. 

Potential Choice for New Smokers and Experienced Growers

By sharing of its genes with popular variety of White Widow, strain of Misty Feminized marijuana grows into short and stocky plants. The product also acts as a potential choice in between new smokers because of its easy growing abilities and never disappoints experienced growers. 

Thick and Bubble Like Lime and Green Colored Leaves

Majority of feminized plants grow in the form of thick and bubble like lime and green colored leaves, which are of thick and heavy in size. In addition, buds of the plant possess huge density and layer properly by the help of THC glands, which extend even towards various shady leaves. The thick and fluffy buds act as icing over cakes and contain resin layer on its top portion to give highly appealing appearance. 

Yield of the Product

Even though the strain of Misty Feminized seeds obtains its genes from another category of marijuana as White Widow, it starts with the flowering process earlier and thereby, yields relatively tight buds capable of producing high value of output. Since, growth of these plants take place as bushy across their sides, it is essential for users to sow seeds without leaving any space in between different plants. 

Strong Smell of the Product is Possible

Smell produced by the marijuana of Misty feminized type radiates as powerful and musky one, while few people complain about the product that it smells as similar to old sweat. However, despite of its strong aroma or smell, smoke is of sweet one and leaves a sugary taste behind that lingers in the mouth of growers for a while. Misty Feminized seeds are also available at www.high-supplies.com  to buy online. 

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