Misty Feminized Seeds: An Ideal Feminized Seed Strain for Growing Under Limited

Published : 12/8/2014 09:05:30
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Misty Feminized Seeds: An Ideal Feminized Seed Strain for Growing Under Limited

 Among those feminized seeds available today, Misty is one of the most popular strains for its ease of growth and its ability to be cultivated in a very small space.  

Stocky and Short Plant With Bubble-Like Leaves 

With Misty feminized seeds, growers can cultivate highly potential plants that will never disappoint first-time growers as well as the experienced cultivators. Misty is a stocky and short plant with bubble-like leaves that are lime green in color and heavy and thick like salad. The buds that are produced by this plant are dense and coated with THC glands that extend to the shade leaves.  

Can be Cultivated Just About Anywhere 

Since the plant grows only to short heights, it is ideal to be cultivated in balconies and indoor spaces like closets or cupboards. It can be grown outdoors as well under stable and positive weather conditions, but still the best results are experienced when it is grown indoors.  

With a flowering period of around 8 – 9 weeks, this strain can be harvested around the month of August or September.  

Better than the White Widow 

Misty does share its genes with White Widow, but it finishes much earlier and results in tighter buds and good yield. The strong musky smell that it gives off in the flowering stages reminds of old sweat, which is little disgusting. Though, unlike its ghastly odor, the smoke tastes sweet and leaves behind a sugary after-taste in the smoker’s mouth. The smooth puff that it gives off gets the smoker into a sativa-like energetic buzz that lingers around for a very long time.  The THC content of the plant is also very high at 15% - 20%. The smoke that is produced is expansive and thick and the strong mellow tone is tempered by an uplifting, energetic high from the recessive sativa ancestor of Sativa.  

Buying the Right Seeds is Key to a Good Yield 

Cultivators who want to grow Misty feminized seeds need to ensure that they buy good quality seeds from a trustworthy supplier. Whether they buy the seeds from the physical seed banks or online stores, they need to check the reliability of the seed bank by getting feedback from other marijuana growers about the quality of seeds. If you opt to buy seeds online, high-supplies.com is one of the best places to place an order for misty feminized seeds, which are priced at €25 for a pack of five seeds. 

Growers can also find a whole variety of seeds in all categories like indoor seeds, outdoor seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds and feminized seeds on High-Supplies.com

If you are a cannabis grower looking for feminized seed strains for indoor cultivation, misty feminized seed strain is the way to go for its high yield and high THC content.

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