Master Kush Feminized Seeds: The Ultimate Delight of Commercial Growers

Published : 06/2/2015 11:57:58
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Master Kush Feminized Seeds: The Ultimate Delight of Commercial Growers

In no time after hitting the weed circuit it became a rage and is today one of the most favorites at the coffee shops in Amsterdam. The demand of these strains has always been high and over a period of time, this hybrid has been refined many a times by countless breeders. One of the trusted online supplier of fine quality Master Kush feminized seeds is where the growers can buy these F1 hybrid strains of Skunk and Hindu-Kush strains. 

The Common Choice

Both guerrilla and commercial growers like growing Master Kush because of simple growth process and the fact that it gives good yield whether grown indoor or outdoor. Both hydroponics and greenhouses work just fine with Master Kush. When you smoke this weed you see some very fine and smooth smoke with an earthy smell to it. That doesn’t mean it is very light in its smell; in fact it has a strong smell of sweet and citrus but still a mild and smooth taste. 

High Yield

It blows the smokers away with a buzz they normally don’t get with anything else. It typically has a flowering period of 8 weeks and produces almost 500 gm of yield per square meter. 

The ideal harvesting month for Master Kush is September. The hybrid strain offers small and dense tree like nugs, just true to its character of being an Indica dominant. The healthy looking bright flowers burst with a lot of trichomes and small orange hairs. The taste and smell of Master 

It Gives You a Big High!

Kush are same. Medicating with Master Kush has always been a memorable session for everyone who has ever smoked it. The effect of this cannabis creeps up very slowly and with a sudden buzz towards the end; the trick is to hold yourself at the right time or else you may go a long way down the high roads. Novice smokers often end up underestimating the strain and they don’t realized how medicated they are. 

Master Kush strains are not just popular for purposes of smoking, but it is equally known for its medicinal benefits. The heavy strain helps people deal with appetite stimulation, insomnia, depression, chronic pains and aches, and PTSD. Thanks to its medicinal properties in almost all the countries and states that have legalized marijuana growing, Master Kush is easily available and is used for medicinal purposes as well. 

Ease to Grow

Commercial farmers just loved growing Master Kush for the ease with which the feminized strain can be grown both outdoor and indoor. The plants that grow are beautiful to look at thanks to the tine white crystal that cover all the green nugs and show the hints of purple as well. But, growing these plants may not yield the desired results if the right quality Master Kush strains is not purchased. Online seed suppliers like High Supplies make sure the quality of each of their offerings is always one of the best in industry.

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