Marijuana Top 44 Seeds are too good to be true!

Published : 09/12/2015 12:21:28
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Marijuana Top 44 Seeds are too good to be true!

As compared to the starry leaves of the original sativa and indica varieties, cultivators have now grown exotic varieties. The leaves have changed shape and flowers of many colors with very high THC content are some of the new characteristics. Even fancier are the strange dramatic new names to put you in the mood. Jokes apart, the medicinal benefits are tremendous with a range of diseases said to be cured by this wonder weed but the proof is awaited. Yet four American states have proved by the legalization that facts are correct like the marijuana cure for epilepsy. Several other countries look upon marijuana kindly now as compared to the past. Considering the cost factor that varies so much across continents, growing your own may be an effective solution.  

What could be easier? 

Give it a hand and never regret the experiment. For those who are worried about growing the weed, nothing could be easier than harvesting Top 44. This indica variety does not grow very tall or wide, but quickly grows and that is an advantage for commercial cultivation. Originally growing in mountainous regions, these plants have imbibed the toughness and can grow well in least demanding environments. Mold and pests do not bother this robust plant. The best policy would be outdoor cultivation of the full soil. Indoor plants may not satisfy in terms of yield but does well under good conditions indoors too. An additional incentive is that Top 44 grows well, even in small areas, perhaps right in the backyard. The time factor is an advantage too with flowering within 50-55 days, which is less than two months.  

Growing Top 44 on the intimate spaces of the balcony and even the Sea of Green method has many advantages. A lot of tips for growing marijuana professionally are available on internet sources.  If business decisions are made with investments available, a lot is possible and dreams would flower just like the plants themselves now that legalization has come in several countries. The world thinks differently now and marijuana has been decriminalized.  

How would Top 44 be used? 

With THC levels ranging from 8% to 15%, a range of medical therapies would be possible with Top 44 that relieves pain and nausea besides restoring appetites. For recreational purposes, a sustained high delivers the euphoria everybody craves for with a caramel taste and lemon smell. The smoke of the buds gives the taste of sweet fruit. The smoke does not create a burning feel in the throat. The sprightly elation and the body zap are extremely pleasant sensations indeed.  

Avoid getting caught in the ifs and buts. The truth is that Top 44 grows like lightning under good conditions and may flower in only 44 days. Not being a large or tall canopy, it can do well even in cramped spaces. Medicinally marvelous, a stupendous high, easy to manage and the exotic quality make it an ideal choice even for the novice.

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