Jack Herer seeds Has Unique Smoking Effect

Published : 09/16/2015 10:26:34
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Jack Herer seeds Has Unique Smoking Effect

There are many growers and smokers who always prefer this seed. This plant is from the hybrid of Haze and Red Skunk. Jack Herer plant shows all the characteristics of its hybrid plants in all the stages of growing. The male and the female variety of these plants are special and healthier. This plant has wide leaves and looks so strong that the onlookers feel that the plant is not real. The female plant of Jack Herer gives a gentle flavor in the room which makes the person to feel flying slowly in the room. 

Marijuana Growers Love It

Every cultivator of marijuana has tried this variety of Jack Herer and like the strain from it. This seed, earned the cannabis world cup in the year 1995. Many cultivators like this to be at the top of their growing list. The look of this plant is loved by the marijuana growers. The strain of these leaves is indica dominant and has c shaped leaves. This plant has a high THC content and thus the plant looks covered with stalked glands. There is a lot of high feel for the people using this. This feeling lasts long and thus it can be used for medicinal purposes. 

Strain Has Unforgettable Taste

This plant takes at least 50-55 days of flowering. The height of the plant is about 100 cm to 150 cm. For a square meter the yield is around 400 grams. THC is about 15% to 20 % and the month of harvest is around October. The strain gives a good smell and unforgettable taste. Haze properties of the ancient plant were kept alive and thus only 50 percent of Jack Herer is haze. Haze takes almost six months for flowering and this was reduced in Jack Herer. 

THC Levels Are High

Jack Herer is expensive, and this is because it has the unique smoking effect. The head goes high as soon as it is smelted and refreshes the brain almost immediately. The smokers feel a lot of energy in this smoke and they feel visually enhanced. This effect remains for many hours, which are liked by the people. The THC levels are clearly visible on the plant. There are crystals on the stalks, leaves and stem of the plant. There is red color hair also on the buds. Each Jack Herer plant looks different The Jack Here plants grow to the height of 100 inches and thus the cultivators have to tame them to get lesser height. 

Feminine Jack Herer Seeds More Medicinal 

Feminine Jack Herer Seeds have more effects in their strain. The strain is considered to have high medicinal value of the Dutch pharmacists. Many diseases are said to be cured by using these strains. The people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, and any other psychological problems can use this plant for curing. The law has legalized and the government realizes the effect of this plant. There is a limit for the number of plants to be grown by an individual. This number depends on the country where the individual stays.

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