Insight into the Top Benefits of White Rhino Cannabis Seeds

Published : 02/19/2015 22:42:49
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Insight into the Top Benefits of White Rhino Cannabis Seeds

It’s a North Indian strain having White Widow properties. It has more Indica elements, which make it ideal for medical purpose. 

People suffering from nausea and stomach problems can benefit from smoking the buds of Rhino strains. Most weed enthusiasts prefer it as it relieves pain caused by headache, arthritis, migraine, and spinal injury. The hash-like, heavy and spicy are some of best characteristics of White Rhino strains. 

Healthy Aspects 

It smells like a fresh flower with a blend of lemon aroma. People love it not just for the smell and taste, but the highly potent buds that make them go high. The smoke has overpowering and quick hit, which actually lasts for two to three hours.The buds can be consumed using vaporizer, which won’t harm the smoker’s lungs. It has many other medical benefits, due to high THC content. It can be grown both inside and out, and can yield about 500g/plants under outdoor growing conditions, while 400-450g when used inside.


It has the power to grow into an extremely large, very dense crystalline monster bud. The color of the leaves could be anything between white and olive green, and the overall look of the flower is ice and frost covered, after pre-snow period. The whole appearance can make any inexperienced smoker or grower go gaga over it.

Taste and Smell

It has very deceiving and delightful taste; the puff has sour patch candy smell with blends of clove, anise, and very tangy and sweet. You would feel the hotness and spiciness as you exhale, leaving your lips and tongue slightly numb.The citrus element in it can make you go higher, every time you inhale. The taste is so good that it can give you a whole rejoice that lasts for solid 4-5 hours. 

It has dank, very deep, and pungent smell; the taste and odor are quite overwhelming. As you puff deeply, it starts smelling peppery, sour, and spicy. 


It has high (above 20 percent) THC content, which is very effective. Even in a nice glass or one good hit, it can produce a prominent effect that lasts for many hours. A smaller dose can offer you more sativa effects and your energy levels will be high. Even at smaller amount of consumption, it offers great pain relief and muscle relaxation. 

Since it’s a strong medicine, it’s suggested for experienced smokers, not for beginners. It is a very strong, potent narcotic pain reliever. It can be grown both indoors and out, under strictly controlled environment to fare well in terms of potency, taste, and smell.

It’s a resilient seed that can survive even under the harshest and toughest nature conditions. Suitable for northern weather, it can keep growers warm even on snowyand cold evenings. 

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