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Insight into Flowerbomb Kush: An Awesome 5-Week Flowering Cannabis Seed

Insight into Flowerbomb Kush: An Awesome 5-Week Flowering Cannabis Seed

People who cultivate cannabis are usually excited about the yield, and eagerly await the time to harvest their plants. There are several varieties of seeds that are available in the seed banks, with each seed producing plants of different qualities, yields, flowering time, and there are countless variations in other aspects. Cannabis growers are especially highly thrilled about the flowering time of these plants since they can harvest early if the flowering time is shorter. The 5-week flowering seeds are particularly popular among the cultivators. 

The Winner of 2012 Cannabis Cup

Flowerbomb Kush, the winner of 2012 Cannabis Cup, is a highly popular marijuana strain, which is 70-percent indica and 30-percent sativa according to its genetics. Though it is not a strain that produces the heaviest yields, its quality and taste are great. It is especially known for finishing flowering as early as 5 ½ weeks. 

Prolonging the Flowering Period to Enhance the Yield

Though, if the grower wants a larger yield, he can allow it to flower a bit longer.  The buds of this strain develop in an irregular form with large calyx that shape like towers. They are greatly prone to foxtail. There’s a thick resin all through, including on the leaves and the buds are highly dense. 

Grows Bigger Than Other Strains

Flowerbomb Kush stretches greater when compared to the other strains of Kush and develops lengthier branches. It features dark green, thick leaves with black colors that mostly overlap over one another due to which frequent pruning is needed. Flowerbomb Kush is a must-havestrain for every cultivator who wants to cultivate cannabis with extremely short flowering periods.

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