How to Start Growing Cannabis Seeds like California Orange Bud Indoors?

Published : 10/27/2014 09:48:18
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How to Start Growing Cannabis Seeds like California Orange Bud Indoors?

As there are countless growers with different resources, there are vivid ways of growing cannabis seeds indoors. In this post, let’s discuss a simple process that works most of the time, and helps you cultivate cannabis like California Orange Bud  with great ease.

Prepare a Shelf

Start with preparing a shelf, which should be placed at a height that is comfortable enough for you to work. There should be a provision of drainage in the shelf. Consider making the shelf at least 4 feet long so that it can easily accommodate the fluorescent fixtures. Consider making different shelves as per the scale at which, you want to grow cannabis indoors. There also are 12 inches and 24 inches shelves available in the market.

Spacing the Shelves

Consider placing the shelves at a distance of 16 inches to 20 inches so that each of them has enough space for themselves. Get standard 4 foot fluorescent fixtures and hang them with hooks and chain so that they are easily adjustable. Consider using simple while bulbs and place them in such a way that onlookers don’t get any idea about what’s really going on.

Ensuring Proper Drainage

You can easily get your hands on standard nursery flats and use the ones that provide drainage. Don’t go for the flats that don’t drain. The flats should be kept little off of your shelves so that there is enough room for circulation and drainage right beneath it. Slat the shelves slightly so that all the water in it runs towards a tub you places. This way there is no water spilled on the floor. A tub, which is usually used for mixing something like concrete should fit the bill. 

Use the Right Containers

Now it’s time to take small containers and fill them so that they can be put in the placed flats. Make sure the sizes of the containers are in sync with the flats so that they fit properly. You can either use whatever you have at your disposal or consider buying something as all sizes are easily available. Get some standard potting soil bought from a store; don’t make the mistake of using dirt or mud. Start watering the soil until it gets very wet. 

The Germination Process

Now start the process of germination by soaking them in the water throughout the night in some kind of dark cabinet. Don’t soak them any longer or don’t put them in a fridge. Now place a small paper towel in any shallow vessel or a plate and place all the seeds on the towel; now fold the paper towel. Drain all the paper out and let seeds be inside with soaked paper towel. Put this in a cabinet and keep checking ever 7-8 hours. Keep making the towel wet and soon you would see the seeds being germinated. This time can vary from one grower to another. 

Planting the Cannabis Seeds

After getting a visual confirmation of the germinated seeds, plant them in the room you earlier set for them. After they germinate, don’t keep watering the seeds; this is a common mistake committed by most of the beginners that ruins all the hard-work. Seeds should ideally be moist and well drained, and not too wet!

And, that’s how you grow cannabis seeds like California Orange Bud indoors!

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