How to Buy Afghan Seeds for Growing Kickass Afghan Marijuana Plants

Published : 02/24/2014 09:07:31
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Originating from the pure mountainous lands of Northern Afghanistan, this strain is 100% Indica; its typical big fat buds and round thick leaves are its clear trait of identification. 

Despite not being very rich in crystals, it offers great smoke that is similar to hash. The smell of these seeds is once again very similar to the smell of typical Afghani hashish, which is sweet, and fruity. 

Great Even for Medicinal Usage

Being very rich in CBD or Cannibidiol, Afghan seeds are considered as very valuable for medicinal purposes. Its medicinal benefits include preventing vomiting and spasm or muscle pain. As they work as antiemetic and antispasmodic Afghan seeds are grown in huge numbers in countries where growing cannabis is legal. Weed growers can grow this seed both indoors and outdoors and they can yield around 400 grams/ plant and 500-600 grams/ plant respectively. 

Short Growing Time of 8-9 Weeks

The growing period is just eight to nine weeks and is highly recommended for breeders who are either new to the world of growing cannabis or the ones who have limited maintenance time. This is one of the most original of cannabis seeds and has equal reputation as skunk in terms of being easy to breed. 

Buying the Right Seeds Holds the Key to Healthy Crop

Buying the right quality Afghan seeds is the most important aspect of growing these seeds as a wrong decision here can turn into a poor yield at the end or a difficult growing and flowering period. Consider buying high quality Afghan seeds from a trusted online cannabis seed supplier like High Supplies where you can buy the seeds for €15 to €20. The seeds have a THC level ranging from 10-15% and they are very easy for growing. The best harvesting period for Afghan cannabis seeds is the month of October. 

Only Buy from Reliable Sources

While buying cannabis seeds online you should remember that there are many online seed banks that promise high quality Afghani seeds but not even supply may be trustworthy. You should always purchase marijuana seeds from a legitimate seedbank. Initial investment in growing cannabis is anyways high for most of the processes and it is this part of buying cannabis seeds where you can hope for saving some money by not overpaying.

Always compare amongst different online seedsbanks and only then go with the best price. That said, it doesn’t mean the website promising the lowest price has the right quality seeds you are looking for. Go with something like High Supplies that provides Afghan seeds of all types at very low costs and guarantees high quality at the same time. 

Its Demand is Always High!

The power of growing a good yield of Afghan seeds is very high as its demand is huge but the supply is on the lower side. This means that if you are able to pull off a high quality yield then making money or getting your cannabis business started may become a cake walk after that. This is why you should be more than cautious while choosing the right variety of seeds from the right seedbank.

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