Go Misty Marijuana If You Wish To Fly Up There

Published : 11/5/2015 15:24:40
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Go Misty Marijuana If You Wish To Fly Up There

In appearance it looks short and stout with branches developing sideways. The bubble like green leaves resemble salads in weight. Do you fancy a musk smell since that is what happens during the growing period? THC crystals are found deposited everywhere in the stems of large fan leaves. Thus the plant is ideal for resin collection and hashish preparation.


What is the Misty flavor and high like?

The sweet smell of musk greets you from this unique plant as a result of the indica constituent. Thoughts of the earth and magical spices emerge amidst the impact. Yet sativa remains embedded in the background and its influence is revealed in the dynamic elevating high that yet seems placid enough. You can’t get enough of it that tempts and satisfies all at once. Some marijuana highs put you to a slumber but this high is a waking high and full of energy. The relaxing heavenly aura is truly a great experience that waits for those who like it! The robust high encourages a lot of innovation and dream, the key to creativity. The high lasts almost indefinitely, lingering on and on. The taste is sweetness itself as if you had sugar in the mouth. Do you fancy trying that? Smoking is the traditional practice all right but not everybody does that like in vaping or in snacks and beverages, certainly healthier ways compared to the smoke in the lungs. 

The stats

 Very powerful indeed with the THC content around 17%! The plant reaches the flowering stage at around 9 weeks and grows equally well indoors or outdoors. Harvests may occur in September if outdoors.  The plant is medium tall at 100 to 180 cm. The yield may touch 350 grams per square meter. Beginner growers could experiment with this plant that is resilient enough and grows under whatever conditions anywhere in any media, indoors and out. Even small spaces would flourish under this amazing plant. 

Enjoy the profound advantages of feminized seeds

Yields are certainly greater since you concentrate on the flowering female plants. Large yields are very much possible with this stocky plant best grown indoors even by apprentice growers. It is truly happiness when you witness the growth of the ice like crystals, the resin that contains all the potency. Everything considered, the strain deserves our respect for the ease of cultivation and the large harvest without a fuss. The high would leave everybody satisfied though not every grower messes with it. 

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