Crystal seeds- a soft effect for your throat

Published : 09/25/2015 09:17:28
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Crystal seeds- a soft effect for your throat

The name “Chrystal” comes from its clear appearance, it looks like White Widow, however, it has some effective properties which is as same Northern Light. These properties of Chrystal Cannabis are illness and mold resistance. 

Features of Crystal Cannabis:

Properly developed buds of Chrystal cannabis grow into full and thick resin and also get a wonderful look which guarantees a great taste and effect. This cannabis have a sweet smell during the smoking. Not only that you can get excellent relaxation while smoking. This cannabis is also very pleasant to smoke as it is very soft for your throat. 

Crystal seeds of cannabis cultivated in different place of the world, but it is found in different terms. However, it has a different name, the result is more than your expectation. This is basically a medium height plant along with dense bushy structure. Crystal Cannabis is found in any Weed shop.

This effective commercialized cannabis variety has a moderate height, which is gaining during its developing as well as flowering stage, can produce plenty of mature flowers within eight to ten weeks. Crystal cannabis buds are quite big, sticky and solid with sweet and pleasant aroma and it has a long lasting high. It is one of the best solution for Indica lovers, mainly for those who cannot decide whether he purchase Nothern light or white Widow.

Enjoy High Yields 

THC level is not very high in Crystal Cannabis, however, this is one of the highest yielding strains of marijuana available in the market. This strain is very easier as well as simpler to grow than White Widow, this feature also makes it more attractive to the cultivator and also makes this strain of Marijuana more popular among the beginners. You can find a kerosene like scent which is like the icing on the cake.

Perfect Blend of Indica and Sativa Strains 

If you thoroughly observe Crystal Cannabis, you can find that from outside, it looks like a White Widow. But it has some strong characteristics Northern Light, for which they are mold resistant. Crystal seeds are a great combination of Indica and Sativa, which makes this more demanding. 

The bud of crystal cannabis is filled with resin which produce the amazing effect with an excellent taste. Its sweet smell is the perfect evident fro that moment you start utilizing it. The Crystal seeds don’t disappoint the user and also produce an energetic feeling. When you take this, it can create a soft feeling on your throat, that makes it more enjoyable.

During  the smoking, Crystal marijuana provides a sweet as well as sugary aroma which is both enjoyable and mouth watering. The taste is very smooth and pleasent on the throat. Crystal marijuana seeds provide a great weed if you are taking this with your friend and companion round for the evening.

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