Critical Kush Feminised Seeds

Published : 10/19/2015 15:56:10
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Critical Kush Feminised Seeds

What this gives is a strange and powerful Indica strain that is not only powerful but also produces a great yield of buds with next to nil leaves, at a fairly medium height.

The flowering cycle is about approximately 8 weeks and usually sticky because of the thick trichomes that are potent and give a stoned effect that is sharp.  Although it is a cross, the strain is dominated by the flavours of the OG Kush variety and the yield is dense.

Coming from the Indica source the plant is definitely meant for curing pain, relaxing you and putting you off to sleep. The harvest time is mostly about 55-60 days and the plant performs better when grown outdoors. It has THC levels of 25% and CBD level of 2.1% which makes this plant a good and preferred variety over other strains. We guarantee you that this is one strain that won’t disappoint you at all!

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