Citral Seeds Are Hybrid Of Pakistani And Super Skunk

Published : 09/23/2015 11:26:01
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Citral Seeds Are Hybrid Of Pakistani And Super Skunk

The taste of the strain has an herbal flavor. These plants can be grown either indoor or outdoor. The price of these seeds is affordable. The THC level is more in this plant and the taste is addicting. The THC level is 15-20%. If the cultivator wants more yield then he has to leave the plant to grow for more period and taller. The strain gives a buzz to the brain and a different cerebral feeling. The plant needs almost 9 weeks to give flowers. The yield is about 450 gms per square meter. 

Natural Resistance To Moulds

There are no feminized seeds in Citral Seeds. As the plant is basically from the Hindu Kush Mountains it has self-resistance for pests and molds. The plant needs a lot of maintenances and thus cultivators should think twice before taking this seeds. The leaves are big and the buds are light green in color. The buds are strong but not very thick thus it can dry very soon if kept under the sun. The fruit taste with some confusing odor is the specialty of this plant. The smoke gives a happy energetic feeling.

Smells Like Fabric Conditioner   

The plant is from a parent plant basically from Chitral valley. This place is famous for Charas and Hashish. The plant gives a good yield in a small space. If the climate is just like the Mediterranean region then the growth of this plant is good. This plant yields good when grown indoors is the feeling of the cultivators. The smell of this plant is more like fabric conditioner. If it is used for smoking a moderate smoke is good and safer. The resin from the buds drip out and this gives the smell which gives a happy atmosphere. 

Plants Need More Care

It is advised to grow the plant as tall as 30-50 cms to get high yield. If the plant is exposed to light the yield may be high. There are a few conditions to be followed by the cultivators as this plant needs a lot of care. This plant looks sturdy but is not much sturdy as a little carelessness will make it die. People who know more about this plant can only grow it and get the necessary yield. The room is full of the smell of lemon if the plant is rubbed. 

Cultivators Get More Yield And Profit

The seed sellers try to give the seeds to experienced cultivators as Citral seeds need more attention. The effect of this aroma is not much high but gives a lift to the cerebral high. There are many people who prefer this. If the seeds of the plant are not taken care the plant will collapse. The cultivators mostly do not prefer this seed as the maintenance or attention required for growing it is more.  With small space and indoor these plants gives a lot of yield for profit. Many people enjoy the taste and the effect of this strain.

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