Citral Feminized Seeds

Published : 10/15/2014 14:05:52
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The plants do not require any extra setup or special attention in growing them and hence they are best-suited breeds for the fresh cultivators. 


The friendly features and the addition of some advantageous traits from the Indica genus has made Citral feminized seeds offer best quality and 100% guaranteed yield for the cultivators. The buds produced from the seeds available at their online stores weigh about 450 to 500g and can ensure best profit percentage than the total amount spent in cultivating them. 

Company’s THC count of the seeds that are purchased from High Supplies cannabis seed banks will be around 15 to 20%, which directly indicate that the seeds offer wonderful soothing effect on the brain cells of the users. The weeds when burnt offer best smoking experience for the users, which is not at all possible by any marijuana seeds belonging to different strains. 

Citral feminized seeds from High Supplies seed bank provide the enriching herbal feeling for the weed users. The pot-plant sensations of the seeds will be enhanced during their cultivation through different methods and hence will offer variety of herbal sensations to the brain cells of the users, which keep them calm and relaxed. 

Flowering Period

The flowering duration required by the seeds to complete the cycle will be around 7 to 8 weeks after plant maturation. The height of the plants offers wonderful opportunities for the farmers to obtain fertile and fully bloomed flowers, inside the closed environment.

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