Crystal Feminized seeds Available

Published : 03/19/2019 15:59:44
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 It is actually a kind of hybrid marijuana grown by crossbreeding the Northern Light and White Window genetics. Seed banks like High Supplies provides pure seeds of this strain for the most reasonable prices.

It is one of the strains with the highest THC content that can be anywhere between 15% to even 20%. Besides, its sticky seeds can create thicker smoke, making your inhaling experience even more pleasurable.  Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

One of the advantages you have by purchasing the Crystal feminized seeds from High Supplies is that their total yield is usually very high, which can be around some 600 to even 700 grams each square meter. You can grow them either in an indoor or outdoor environment. However, to get a bigger yield, it’s always advisable to let the plant grow outside in the natural environment with abundant sunlight. 

Here, it’s worth mentioning that, when taken in moderate quantity, the strain can also have few medical benefits. The strain not only has sweet aroma that is mouth-watering and pleasant, but it is also smooth on the users’ throat. Hence, you will be able to enjoy a creative rush, which is fun and sociable. You can by the seeds at the online store of High Supplies and grow them yourself.

While, you have numerous suppliers of the Crystal feminized seeds and strains, High Supplies has a great reputation and name in this industry. 

Global consumers rely on them for their quality of supplied products

They have a secured site where your transactions and personal information are completely safe

High Supplies offers only the purest and adulteration free strains.

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