Choose Afghan To Experience The Rich High Of Sturdy Mountain Strains

Published : 11/24/2017 15:58:23
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Choose Afghan To Experience The Rich High Of Sturdy Mountain Strains

The strains that have escaped human contacts still grow undisturbed in the hilly tracts of the Himalayan Mountains just as they did thousands of years ago. Go in for such a profound high of rock like strength with Afghan that tells stories of the Northern Afghanistan mountains where it originates. Further breeding with wild Kush varieties has resulted in this uniqueness among too many marijuana mutations. Would you like to make your own hashish, quite possible with this plant? You would have to grow it then with seeds discreetly shipped nowadays that laws are becoming easier to deal with in many countries but be careful. 

The exotic high

THC levels do reach the sky indeed at 15% and that is saying a lot about the sheer potency! During the times when the pot movement began in the 1960s and 1970s, Afghan was in great demand for the rollicking high in music festivals. The primitive strength and the hash culture still rules among old favorites. Some things are forever of course. The enriching smoke reminds of hashish smoking. You get the taste of fruit and a buzz exalts the mood in an unforgettable high. The aroma would be on the harsh side though. 

A medical high too

The variety stands at a great advantage in the treatment of pain and in vomiting conditions too. Many strains have medical importance and the world recognizes that after all the decades of treating marijuana like a villain that it certainly is not. The pharmaceutical industry would soon be releasing a list of marijuana based medications to treat ailments legally. 

The nature of the plant

Beginner or expert, anybody can grow this variety. Regarding watering, fertilizer or climatic conditions, the strain is not fussy. The nomenclature ‘weed’ derives from the all weather adjustment the plant is capable of. The bushy plant has profuse buds of a sticky nature. Leaves are round and thick. No disease attacks the plant as a result of survival in the harsh wild mountains. The pest resistance means that you simply plant it and harvest when it is time. All said and done, the plant is truly a blessing of the gods that has charmed humanity for ages before the modern world discovered its heavenly powers. 

Many more marijuana seeds wait for the interested growers and consumers the world over now that the internet reduced the globe to a little village. Starting with saplings could be an alternative for those who are not too confident with seeds. Hardy varieties like this are among the easiest to grow. Fulfill all your marijuana fantasies at where you can distinguish the truth from fiction that is too common nowadays among the gullible. Get to know the true marijuana stories at this trusted website.

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