Cheese Seeds: A Very Popular Feminized Seed Among the Cultivators

Published : 07/30/2015 13:53:50
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Cheese Seeds: A Very Popular Feminized Seed Among the Cultivators

Cheese feminized seeds are one of the most popular varieties that have a great demand among the cultivators. All the features of the greatly popular Master Kush and Super Skunk are blended in this hybrid strain. The result is a more controlled cannabis plant with bigger buds (60% indica, 40% sativa).  

The Unique Taste and Smell 

As for the smokers, the taste and smell of this cannabis is superior to Super Skunk and Master Kush, though the high remains the same. It has a highly dominant deep earthy flavor, happy high which makes the smoker smile and giggle instantly. It has a THC level of up to 25%. Her combination of sativa and indica properties is something that gives a body buzz along with an elevating high feel one can hang on to for some time. Medicinally, Cheese strain is highly effective in treating pain, fighting against insomnia, and stimulating appetite.  

When and How to Harvest? 

Growers who wish to opt for Cheese feminized seeds need to know that this plant is capable of growing up to 28-inches indoors and 79-inches outdoors. The yield is 21.2 ounces per square meter outdoors and 21.2 ounces per plant indoors. With a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, this strain can be harvested by September or October. Her indica characteristics provide her a bushy look, so it is advised to the growers not to plant them very near to one another.  

The plant produces heavy and thick buds with an attractive looking resin layer with yellow or golden orange colored hairs. It grows into a branchy plant with vine-like growth and requires full support. It is a great strain to be considered by first-time growers owing to their great yield and easy cultivating properties.  

Good Seeds are Always the Key to Success 

Though this is an easy-to-grow strain, things can turn out to be hard if you don’t buy good quality seeds from reliable sources. Of course, after buying good quality seeds, you also need to follow the right process of growing. Purchasing from an unreliable source may become a wrong decision later. This is the reason experienced growers recommend dealing with a reputed seed supplier. You can also buy seeds online from a reputed seed supplier like where this variety can be purchased for just € 30.     

In short, what make this strain so popular to grow are its gorgeous heavy thick buds, high production and a taste and smell to die for. If growers make use of a good air filter when cultivating this variety indoors, the smell can be a true give-away! 

If you get to cultivate Cheese feminized seeds just once, you will soon realize what the hype around this strain is all about. And, you would be waiting for the next time you get to grow this strain again.

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