Bubblelicious Seeds Gives Pink Bubblegum Flavor

Published : 09/30/2015 11:59:32
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Bubblelicious Seeds Gives Pink Bubblegum Flavor

The Bubblelicious seeds spread the unique bubblegum flavor which is liked by marijuana users. As many countries are trying to legalize the cultivation of these plants there is more demand for bubblecious seeds. This plant is largely produced in Netherlands and United States of America. Though it was originally cultivated in US the pruning took place in Netherlands. This plant grows quickly and gives flowers in about 55 to 65 days. This plant is not too tall and does not have many branches.  

Yield High For Four Feet Plant

The strain of Bubblelicious plant is sweet, sticky and has a lot of resin. The height of this plant may be about four feet. The bud is dark green in color. There are purple, pink or white resin crystals with some visible hair on the bud. The plant does not look like having much branches but looks cloudy as the buds are covered with crystals. In the beginning the plant was grown in Indiana of US, but has travelled to England and Holland too. For the height of the plant the yield is very high. Any age person likes bubblegum and thus this plant attracts everyone with its flavor. 

Plant Has Bubblegum Flavor

If the plants are indoor the room is full of bubblegum flavor and has an intense sweet taste. Though the strain of this plant does not take the brain to high level, there is a type of floating effect. This plant can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. This plant does not require much space to grow. The cultivators with less area of land find this plant the best. The strain of this seed is used for many medical purposes. This plant is the product of a lot of research and thus gives a high yield for a smaller height. 

More Yield If Plant Is Given More Duration

Bubblelicious seeds are the most chosen by cultivators. They give a lot of profit to the cultivators. They start giving yield for a short period of about eleven weeks. Many cultivators like to have a speedy harvest. But for now after legalization of growing Marijuana the cultivators are trying to give more time for the weed to grow. If the plant is given more duration, the cultivators can get a profitable harvest. Many people get addicted to the pink bubblegum flavor. Bubblelicious seeds produce both male and female plants. 

Plant Strain And Seeds Sold At Good Rates

Bubblelicious plants can be grown in the tropical countries. Even if there are longer summers this plant grow well. The height is very less for these flowering plants. A little bit care of the cultivator will give a good yield for him. There are a lot of indica genes in the strain of this plant. There is a good demand for this plant and thus the seeds also are sold at good rates. The people are now free from the hands of the law and thus can grow Marijuana in their homes. The number of plants to be grown is limited and the people have to be strict with the number to be on the safer side.

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