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Bubblegum Origins From India

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Bubblegum Origins From India

This flavour has won the High times Cannabis cup awards. The name of the weed is mainly because of the taste which resembles the chewing gum. This plant grows to about one meter. There are not many branches as it looks compact. It takes about 55 days to give the yield. In the earlier stages this plant is very tender and needs a lot of care. They can be grown indoors and outdoors. The yield of these plants is incredible. Smokers like the flavour and taste of this breed. 


Has Medicinal Effects

The effect of the strain is noticed after some time of consumption. This plant has won ten awards in the High times Cannabis cup. Five other cups also it has won locally and nationally in Spain. It was named the best plant in the magazine of Soft Secrets in the year 2006. The strain of this plant has medicinal effects and works well for anti anxiety and pain. It gives a great relaxed feeling. There is a yield of about 500 grams for a square meter when it is grown indoors. Outdoor plant yields depend on the climate and thus the stains are better in good climate. 

Bubblegum Flavour Is Loved By Smokers

These weeds do not grow more and branch out also. The plant is compact and has to be maintained well. There are threats of mould and rotting if they are in more moisture. The sweet aroma of this plant is just like the bubble gum and thus it is named after it. Like other plants it gives out buds after nine weeks. These buds are covered with resin. Many people love this strain only for its bubblegum flavour. Though there are many seeds in the market in the same name and sweet taste, the original seeds are still in demand. The yields may be a bit late but there is good yield if looked after properly. 

There are many websites in the net which sell these seeds. If is better to investigate about the seeds before ordering. There are many rules to be followed while growing this weed. The intensity of light and water has to be watched out for a healthy growth. 

Best Seeds Fully Feminized

High Supplies aims at giving the best seeds to the purchasers. These seeds are stored in the refrigerators to keep it as fresh as possible. The customers can test the seeds by the colour and shape of the seeds. The seeds are promised for 100% germination. The customers are enlightened with the information about the cultivation of the plants. The genetics, nutrition, light, environment and many other requirements of the plant is advised carefully. If the instructions are followed properly they will be blessed with more yields. The customers’ identity is kept confidential and thus there is safety in dealing with High Supplies.

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