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Blueberry 420 auto fem - one of the best and award winning seeds

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Blueberry 420 auto fem - one of the best and award winning seeds

Detail about Blueberry 420 auto fem

The delicious smell of blueberry so recognizable for Blueberry 420 auto fem seeds, you smell it from a distance. Blueberry 420 auto fem marijuana seeds, with her colorful blue pinky flowers, have a huge development potential and is highly valued for its exclusive aroma and blueberry taste combined with fast ripening and hard, sticky buds.

Blueberry 420 auto fem marijuana seeds is 1 of the finest daytime smoke for her delicious mild flavor, very relaxed high, listening to some best old blues and still active at the White Widow Seeds farm. 

Auto Blueberry was created for different reasons. First of all to bring high quality automatic feminized gene pool. Dutch Passion Blueberry itself all the time, was arrested. Special qualities of Dutch Passion Blueberry are known worldwide. Auto Blueberry these qualities are to be found in the feminized and automatic form. This is a very special blueberry woman with an indica dominant auto cross, which thanks to a careful breeding program that combines pure blueberry aroma and flavor. F4 generation has a completely automatic selective back-crossing to the blueberry, F4 self-pollinated, a luxurious form of a quick auto-FEM is a must for everybody liking to experience genuine blueberry which have become the pressing F5 seed was different.

Most plants are famous blueberry flavors and colors; He was soaked with resin and hard dense buds that are very powerful and will yield best. Blueberry 420 Auto FEM lasts several hours, which is a smooth, yet powerful Indica influence the hugely enjoyable. Everyone should try this at least once in several growing!

Special Features of Blueberry 420 auto fem

  • Blueberry 420 is best liking strong and healthy plant which appears to have plenty of leaves.
  • It is known to be the right beauty queen among marijuana strains having buds with plenty of resins.
  • It is a cross breed of Purple Thai and Afghan marijuana strains.
  • Living with its name, it possesses the tasty taste of a blueberry fruit.
  • This crispy bud gives an extraordinarily sweet tutti frutti taste. It has a strong and sweet smell when smoked.
  • It holds blue and violet glossy buds. This is the perfect bud when we talk about high yielding strains. Growers could expect an exceptionally high yield even when grown-up inside.
  • Not only Blueberry 420 it gives a satisfying flavor but it has a short flowering time as well. Definitely you will not acquire bored when waiting for just as short as two weeks.
  • Its high effect is just as relaxing as it tastes. It gives a very comforting Indica high especially during the day.
  • They are in general average liking plants especially when grown-up in close spaces and could nurture relatively tall when grown in greenhouses.
  • This is the perfect strain when liking for a perfect duo of sweetness and potency.
  • It will be ready for harvest by September or October.

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