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Big Bud Seeds Gives Large Yields

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Big Bud Seeds Gives Large Yields

Basically, this seed was from Holland which was carried over to Netherlands as there were strict rules in the USA. When Afghanica was mixed with Skunk genes the big bud was produced. This aroma had great vigor and the production was jaws dropping. The weed took a commercial turn and all the Marijuana growers liked to cultivate this plant. A lot of research was going on in the hybrid varieties. The big bud had a strong Afghani root and there was an expansion of the gene stocks to give a superb strain. 

Sleep Like A Baby

Big bud has the clone of the original weeds used for a hybrid. It has sweet fruit flavor with potency improved. If a time is given to the weed there is a lot of yields. The stem of this weed is thick and strong. The number of buds growing on the stem may damage the plant. To avoid this damage, a string is given to support the plant. The smoke of this will not give any knock or cerebral shake, but people go to sleep like a baby. This plant grows fast and gives a lot of yields and thus is worth the wait for the harvest. 

Winner Of Cannabis Award 1989

Big Bud Seeds has won the Cannabis cup for the year 1989. This plant is mainly used for commercial purpose. Though it was recognized earlier it remains popular for its strains. The cultivators prefer this weed as it gives more yield and thus gives a lot of profits. There are more buds on the plant than the leaves. There is no other Cannabis plant which produces more buds than this one. These weeds refineries started in the USA but then it moved to Amsterdam. The smell is different and THC is more which makes it most demanded till date. 

Buds Are Gigantic 

The place required and the number of plants may be less, but he yield is more. The branches of the plant will be suppressed by the buds. The smoke of this plant has garlic and spices flavour. The buds look monstrous and are covered with resin glands. These resin glands are thick and fat. If not looked after and trimmed the size of the plant may triple its height. The cultivators have to look after the growth of the plant. The buds are gigantic and green in colour. They give out a sweet aroma which knocks down the body. 

Large Yields With This Plant

This plant takes at least 50-65 days for flowering. The height of the plant may go to 110-150 cm. The yield may be up to 150 gms. There are many countries which are legalizing the growth of Cannabis. Gone are those days when people were frightened to talk about cannabis. Big Bud seeds will give a good yield which will fetch money to the cultivators. There are many people who have put their hand into this production. There is a high demand for these days as many like to grow this plant.

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