Big Bud Feminized - Winner of the Cannabis Cup

Published : 03/7/2016 13:17:21
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Big Bud Feminized - Winner of the Cannabis Cup

Big bud has always been famous as a cannabis strain with the most staggering yields. It has heavy, luscious buds gives a rewarding experience to the growers. Big Bud has been famous as a cannabis strain with its superior indica lineage, refined and improved over years and has been perfected now ready to release as an all-female see strain. There are no other Plants that can produce more than the Big Bud.

Smell & Looks

The differentiating feature of the Big Bud marijuana strain from any other Skunk or strain is its huge buds.    Some buds are so big that sometimes the branches break due to the weight if not supported especially the lower branches. The strain generally does not grow too tall, it grows up to 15-20 inches, making it ideal for indoor gardens.  The buds are dark green in color, covered with snowy light orange hairs and frosty.  Big Bud plant is almost a pure indica strain with a happy effect. With its spicy and earthy flavor, the big bud provides deep relaxing effects true to its heritage.  The aroma is smooth and the high is very strong.  The flavors available are spices, herbal, flowery and earthy. Since the strain has some powerful sedative qualities, it is often used for medical purposes to treat headaches, migraines, insomnia, stress, anxiety and pain.  When used, you feel happy, relaxed, euphoric, sleepy and hungry. 


Big bud feminized is a type of marijuana produced by crossing Afghan and Skunk. It was originally developed in the US and was later brought to Netherlands.  This makes the Bib Bud easy to grow and it is a very strong plant resilient to almost anything.  It has huge buds covered with thick, fat resin glands.  Big Bud is a fast flowering variety that stays compact and is easy to grow indoor. It grows outdoor as well with the right climatic conditions where its early flowering can be its appealing point.  This is one of the first seed strain to be specially designed for commercial growing and has won Cannabis Cup aware besides various other awards. 

Benefits of feminized seeds

All Marijuana plants grow in male and female varieties.  There are various advantages in growing feminized cannabis seeds, such as outdoor growing in remote areas, which do not need much attention for the appearance of male seeds.  With feminized seeds one can achieve better yield whereas with regular cannabis seeds you tend to lose almost 50% of the growth when eliminating the males. Feminized cannabis seeds ensure that every seed you plant returns a female cannabis plant.  Male marijuana plants contain less THC (tetrahydrocannabinol - responsible for the high in marijuana) than the feminized cannabis plants and therefore, you can enjoy more from the feminized Cannabis seeds than the male.  Feminized seeds may be a little costly but the return in cannabis buds will compensate for the cost. Big Bud creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation and as a result, it is recommended as a nighttime strain, although some people use it daytime too.

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