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All about Purple Power Feminized Seeds

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All about Purple Power Feminized Seeds

Sharp and Clear

Purple power is famous for their bright purple buds. If you are looking for cannabis that would not leave you feeling out of it, these are the ones. They deliver moderate THC levels along with crisp and light cerebral effect that make you feel chilled and clear. Consuming purple power will make you feel absolutely relaxed but still sharp and on cloud nine. This type of marijuana seed is one of the strongest purple kinds available today. The buzz characterized by purple power marijuana strain enables the consumer to be happy, giggly and energetic. 

Perfect for cool climates

Similar to the outdoor seeds from the female seeds lineup, purple power feminized marijuana seeds work best in northern areas & temperate zones, where the climate is cooler. This breed finishes early than many other strains and is partially autoflowering. This strain is known for growing numerous buds that makes the entire plant to glow purple during harvest. Cooler the climate, purpler the plant becomes. 

Growth of Seeds

Purple Power Feminized Seeds are 100% sativa and loaded with all the required characteristics. Developed to withstand the cool and wetter climates, purple power has distinctive color and produce high yields. In most favorable conditions, a good producer can yield upwards of 1000 grams per plant in tropical climates while generate 550-700 grams in northerly areas. 

The cannabis seeds are perfectly selected ones which are high in anthocyanin. This is the pigment responsible for making the blueberries and eggplant purple. Next, they are kept in the correct temperature.  During the flowering stage, the temperature is usually cool and the bud grows purple in about two weeks.  


It tastes has a tropical tang fused with sweet sour tone offering a very pleasant smoking experience. The pleasant sativa lasts longer and offers a great smoke during any hour off the day. This is most preferred by the people because of its exotic color and flavor along with strong effects and uplifting buzz. Smoking this weed provides energizing buzz and long lasting high. Those suffering from chronic pain and anxiety can have this strain to feel light. 

Buying Online

While purchasing cannabis seeds, one must remember that getting the best seeds will offer good results and wanting experience. It is extremely vital to evaluate seeds before making the purchase and feasible to make an online purchase from They offer best marijuana seeds for commercial or personal use. Purple Power Feminized Seeds are dominant Sativa strain available here at incomparable rates.

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