AK47 plus White Widow XTRM equals K47 XTRM!

Published : 01/31/2016 22:33:15
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AK47 plus White Widow XTRM equals K47 XTRM!

Some strains though are more equal than others and have reached superior positions especially by means of awards and prizes conferred annually. Every cannabis enthusiast knows about AK47 of course, popular amongst the uninitiated and the professional who swears by the weed. AK47 has its advantages, being a hardy plant as many weeds are that grows without a fuss, and provides plentiful harvest and ample good taste in the buds. The AK47 parentage includes Afghan and Mexican sativa and combines the sativa and indica highs. Now comes the dynamite that resulted from combining AK47 and White Widow XTRM. The unbeatable combination is available as seeds that will sprout well and can be discreetly shipped to any part of the world though it is best to be sure about cannabis laws that prevail locally. 

Characteristics of AK47XTRM

The strain is high on both counts of THC at 24% and CBD that results in medical effectiveness, now that pharmacies are gradually making cannabis legitimate as it should be to relieve disease as it is widely believed to be. The new concoction has towering impact and is particularly awesome with a very special flavour. Grown appropriately, the tops would exceed AK47 by as much as 20%. The quality of the high may just be called spiritually sublime and gently spaces you out with a quiver. If you wish to drift far and wide under the auspicious influence, go for it. Auspicious because some Asian cultures equated marijuana with the gods!

Growth trajectory

Growing this variety is not very complicated and a beginning can well be made. The difficulty level may only be described as moderate. The strain is rather adaptable, not very fussy and grows both indoor and outdoor. Yet the yield outdoor would be higher at 900 grams compared to 700 grams indoors for each square meter. With a flowering time of 56 days, the height indoors could reach 80 cm while the outdoor height may touch 200 cm. Expect to collect the bountiful harvest in the months of September and October.

Would you prefer feminized AK47XTRM seeds?

This variety may be easily grown even by those who have little experience. Along the lines of the AK47 feminized seeds, this strain will also bring a mighty yield after 47 days. Plenty of resinous crystals would follow in the heavy tops that generate heady aroma. You could also try the auto flowering seeds of the same genre. Genetically speaking, the strain is 35% indica and 65% sativa. The plant grows to medium height and is harvested in September. The yield would be in the vicinity of 1100 grams a square meter. The high it induces keeps you alert and is very cerebral indeed. 

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