AK47 Auto Gives More Yields

Published : 11/17/2015 09:41:30
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AK47 Auto Gives More Yields

This strain is popular for its flavour, potency and high yields. This plant can be grown indoors or outdoors. The height of the plant goes up to one meter. After eight weeks of germination the plant is ready for harvest. The plant grows rapidly giving out buds which swell during harvest. The resin gives a shine on the plant. AK47 auto is naturally resistant to diseases and pests. 

Body Feels High

Pine, fuel, skunk and musk mixed together flavour is there in AK47 auto. Smokers feel the smoothness in the throat and get a good pine flavour. The body feel high and relaxed when it is consumed. In medical field this is used for pain, anxiety and stress. One plant produces nearly 60 gms. Though this does not knock out the smoker there is a blow. The strain is more resinous. Many smokers prefer the knock out effect of this weed. It can be easily grown in balconies, indoors, outdoors and patios. Cultivators can do multiple harvests in the breeding season. THC levels are high in the strain. 

Look Into The Law

This plant is available in the market and there are many users. It is better to know more about the local laws before tyring to grow this plant. There are many websites online which give more information about the state laws. If the law permits then this weed can be grown. The seed vendors online will not give out the identity of the purchasers. This plant needs lot of light and thus the light has to be kept on if planted indoors. 

Feminized Seeds For Full Production

There is a lot of demand for this flavour and thus the cultivators add it to their priority list. If the plants are grown outdoors then the sunlight is enough for growing. But if grown indoors then the light has to be provided for full time or the yields drop down automatically. We offer seeds which go for germination in full percentage. Our seeds are all feminized and thus the yields also will be high. These seeds have to be stored in a dark, cool and no moisture area. We ship them in perfect covers so that the freshness of the seeds is not spoilt. 

Easy Cultivation With Good Yields

High supplies have almost all types of fresh seeds of Marijuana. When ordered these seeds are shipped to the door step. The website of High supplies is safe for the customer to deal. The customer’s identity is kept as a secret. The seeds are feminized and 100% guaranteed for germination. If there is any doubt in cultivating these weeds then it is better to ring up to us or write. The shape and colour of the seeds can be observed before purchasing the seeds. The freshness is not much affected as we store the seeds in a refrigerator which avoids moisture and light.

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