Afghan Seeds Make The Greatest Marijuana Bets!

Published : 10/23/2015 10:43:59
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Afghan Seeds Make The Greatest Marijuana Bets!

Not only has America understood the marijuana secrets, but several European countries have a long history of marijuana tolerance. Asian countries like India are where it all originated in spirituality thousands of years ago. Imagine smoking cannabis to get enlightened!  

The Afghani strains 

While the traditionalists talk of only two varieties of sativa and indica, many varieties have now come into existence by means of genetic engineering. High yield varieties that are easily grown with extensive THC levels have now become the darlings of marijuana lovers. The future is assured with pot legalization, but then laws differ across countries. Many governments tolerate the growing of a few personal plants and possession in a small quantity. Afghan refers to the country of Afghanistan in Asia of course in the Himalayan ranges.  

Since they grow in the Hindu Kush range, one variety is appropriately named Afghani Hindu Kush Seeds that generate a sweet taste during smoking. Afghani Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds also provide a strong and tasty experience that knocks the user off the feet. Afghan Outdoor Seeds grow well indoors too with lots of resin for making hash. 

No fuss, great tasting, high yielding Afghan Seeds 

A robust brand of cannabis indica comes to you all the way from the Northern Afghanistan Hindu Kush Mountains. Crossbred from the wild varieties, this strain won’t let you down and yields well under difficult conditions too. If you know what crossbreeding does and how the wild elements are controlled, resulting in the retention of all the desirable qualities. The plant is hardy like the mountains themselves. Extremely easy to grow, it is meant both for amateurs and the experienced grower. Afghan Seeds will endure no matter what conditions they are exposed to. Besides, the potency in terms of THC being very high the result is a pleasant heady experience that could sometimes go out of control. 


Medicinal highs too with Afghan Seeds 

The high CBD is the key to the medical effectiveness of this cannabis strain. The pharmaceutical industry is busy researching and producing a range of cannabis based medicines. It is rumored that many diseases can be cured by this wonder plant though not thoroughly proved yet. Some problems are muscle pain and vomiting and the cannabis acts as an antispasmodic and antiemetic too.  

Anybody can grow Afghan Seeds 

Not everybody needs to consume marijuana, whether medically or recreationally. For those who contemplate growing marijuana for business purposes, even the novice can successfully grow this variety. Even with little or no maintenance the plant grows in leaps and bounds. Perhaps that is why it is called a weed. It is not particular about fertilizer use and can do without it and has little dependence upon water too. Pests and molds are no problem either.  

What you get and when 

After eight or nine weeks comes the flowering in September or October. The 15% THC content is rather high and a yield of 350 grams may well be expected. A sweet and fruity taste with a strong smell is the characteristic.

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