Afghan Seeds Are Purely Indica And A Little Sativa

Published : 02/17/2016 10:54:38
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Afghan Seeds Are Purely Indica And A Little Sativa

This plant is bushy and short stature, the branches grow at 45 degrees up. The plant looks round and bushy. The color looks totally green with borders of purple, blue and black.  The stem becomes robust which gives out a good smell when the plant is flowering. The leaves are thick and round with chunky buds. The smoke is smooth which gives out hash smell. There is flowering in this plant by 8-9 weeks. Mostly the harvest is done when the summer is intense. These plants can be grown outdoor or indoor. 

Easily Cultivated Seed

People who want to grow it commercially or for personal use can choose the Afghan seed. By nearly 45 days the seeds grow into a plant and start budding and ready for harvest. There is a producer of about 400 to 500 grams for one square meter which is a high yield. Even for naïve cultivators this plant gives the best harvest and thus many first timers go for these seeds. If more watered or poorly watered, less or more fertilizer, less or more sunshine- in any conditions this plant is robust to survive. Many people tell that we can just plant it and forget it till the time of harvest. These seeds are heavily that is 95 percent Indicia. 

Resistance To Diseases

Though the plant is short it grows bushy but the crystals are not much. The buds are sticky which gives the original taste. This plant has become robust and sturdy due to rocky conditions. This plant exhibits good resistance towards disease causing germs. Even the first timers find it easy for cultivating this plant. The THC levels in this plant are more. In seventies this plant was used by many people. Even today the Afghan tea houses use this strain. 

Good Experience

The buds are compact and hard. There is a lot of resin which makes it sticky to touch. The resin is full of cannabinoids and terpenes. The people using the strain or smoke experience a high physically. There is a stoned and relaxed effect on the body. The legs may feel heavy which does not allow the body to have much activity. There is a numb effect on the body after using it. 

Used As Medicine

There is lot of THC levels and thus is useful in medical purposes. Pain or stress is relieved easily using this weed. The medical practitioners tell that this prevents vomiting and relieves muscle pains. 

Look Into The Law

These seeds are available with all the Marijuana seed sellers. The cultivator has to look into the local law before planting these seeds. There are many countries which are not allowing to this day the cultivation of Marijuana. Many people understand the medical use of Marijuana but still research has to prove it with proof. There are many states which have already legalized the growth of these plants and thus there is a lot of demand for these seeds.

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