Advantages of Hollands Hope Outdoor Cannabis Seed

Published : 01/20/2015 17:14:40
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Advantages of Hollands Hope Outdoor Cannabis Seed

It has become the standard seed for Dutch outdoor strain. It has very short flowering period and yields better results in challengeable summer and wet conditions. The pure Indica and fungus-resistant element makes it to yield heavy, solid buds and the outdoor standards make it remain compact, developing a remarkable harvest, despite in not-so-feasible summer.


It was named as Hollands Hope for its capacity to deliver excellent, best outcomes in changeable summer and wet weather, providing hope and confidence to Holland’s outdoor cultivators. Medium yellow or green in color, it produces super dense nugs. It’s super sweet and has lemon-fruity dankness. It smells and tastes good, offering a high for smokers.

One Among the Maiden Outdoor Cannabis Strains

This was one among the very first outdoor strains that became fully acclimatized outdoor seeds in Holland and nearby states in early eighties. It’s famous for many qualities, including mold resistance, which is a reliable and hardy variety, mostly suitable in the month of early October or end of September, after eight weeks of flowering.It’s the best quality Indica strain that can tolerate hardest Dutch outdoor conditions and can cultivate better in other outdoor weather conditions. It grows up to 1 to 2m tall in height, yielding a heavy bud with real knockout stone. 

How Much Does It Yield?

It can yield from 100 to 1000gram per plant, based on the growing conditions. Give just the needed nutrition as extra nourishment can cultivate too many leaves, reducing bud production. The Holland Hopes bud can reach up to 50cm and usually have small leaves.

It has been a productive and reliable outdoor seed for many years; the impact of this smoke is very effective and quite sweet and is of great use for medical and recreational smokers alike. The stone remains strong for many hours and many growers prefer Holland Hope for the reason that it grows into heavy yielding bush along with other side growth. 

Great Combo of Afghan and Early Skunk

It is a stable combination of early Skunk and Afghan; it’s an ideal seed for outdoor cultivators producing in cool weather and short summer that limit the growing favors. It is a mold and pest resistant seed, which can grow up to 2m with promising yields. The moderate strength and sweet flavor makes it quite popular, though it delivers a pleasurable high. 

Where to Buy?

If you’re looking to purchase Hollands Hope online or seed banks, look no further than This vendor supplies high quality marijuana outdoor seeds that assure you best results. You can grow this one on your own in your garden or other outside areas. The THC level in this seed is moderate 5 to 10 percent and it needs less space and minimal attention every week to keep it yielding at optimal stages. 

It’s one of the best examples of crossing of Dutch Skunk and Afghan, designed to handle colder weather. The dark buds and light pointy green leavesgive it a beautiful look, while mold sensitiveness makes it suitable for outdoor growing.

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