Blue Mystic seeds

Blue Mystic cannabis seeds are a good choice for everyone who loves a sweet berry taste, high yield and a relaxing effect.

Blue Mystic seeds

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Blue Mystic is a gorgeous plant, mostly Indica and if you give it the right treatment the buds get a fluffy purple blue colour when they're almost ready.
The plant grows up to a medium height and has a normal growing period suiting the Indica properties.
Blue Mystic is very suitable to grow indoors, outdoor growing is possible but only if you're sure the weather won't get too moist or cold because then mould and pests could get a hold of it and fact is it grows much better under dry tropical circumstances.
If the fluffy textured buds emerge you'll notice the blue purple colour as they mature, spreading a lovely fresh and sweet odour, very pleasant if that's what you're craving.
Consuming this blue wonder tastes sweet with a berry flavour, a perfect inheriting from one of its parents, the Blue Berries!
The effect of Blue Mystic is a heavy stoned feeling taken over by a relaxed but energetic buzz that won't knock you out, it's just enough to relax to the max!

As the name indicates, Blue Mystic is a mysterious strain with unidentified genetics that certainly has some Northern Lights or Skunk and little bit of Blueberry genes. This indica dominant strain is short stacked and stretches a bit, growing like a broccoli or bonsai. 

7-9 Weeks of Flowering Time

Blue Mystic flowers between 7-9 weeks and is quite delicate when compared to the other varieties. It is a good option to be considered by those marijuana growers who require discretion. It spreads a distinctive blueberry smell and presents a light blue color, which makes the buds covered with trichome to appear almost gray. The plants grow to a height of just more than 1m, though cultivators are advised to either top or pinch the plant to produce a bushy plant. 

Just Like the Good Old Northern Light

Blue Mystic grows almost in the same way as Northern Light, with all the pleasing features of the strain with the extra appeal of its smoke having a slightly berry-like aftertaste and colorful looks.  When compared to the other strains, it maintains a quite neutral smell while growing. 

Salient Features

Few of the notable aspects of Blue Mystic are:

If harvested at the right time and captured properly, the flavor of this strain will be very refreshing and sweet to give the smoker the taste of drinking juice. 

Its intense flavor is like a super potent indica stone, leaving the smokers locked down physically. 

Bursting with fruity, sensual flavors, this strain is highly appealing

As for its effects, it is intense in the right way with a soft high.

In a nutshell, Blue Mystic is very good strain for treating pains and aches, and it makes a great choice for recreational purposes too. So, go ahead and order a pack of seeds from today.

High Supplies blue mystic seeds are popularly known for its soft blue hues, which is only visible only when its half way through flowering. Its growing pattern is very similar to that of northern lights, very description and qualities as similar as any other strain except for its own colourful appearance and berry like after taste. As compared to many other marijuana strains blue mystic is known to maintain its neutral smell while growing. 

It has indica as its dominant ingredient. It has a very beautiful appearance, a pale green bud and about half way through flowering it takes on a nice coating of trics. When under light a light blue colour is visible and is very sticky to touch. It has a sweet and fruity smell.  It has a very light high effect for couple of hours and is ideal for beginners. It can be grown indoors as well as in outdoors. Indoor cultivation is more preffered. It grows up to very short height. It has an average yield of 200 - 300 g/m. It is generally not feminised in nature. It gives you a body buzz and relaxation effect. It has a flowering period about 7-9 weeks.

Latest update in global market - 

Blue mystic seeds are suitable for beginners. It has a popular demand mostly because of its appearance and after taste effect. Many of the seed producing companies are coming up with their own mix of blue mystic seeds. Even though it is not feminised in nature, many seed dealing companies are proposing it to be feminised in nature.

Many other products with just a slight change in the composition are also gaining popularity. It is also getting special attention from the female crowd in the market as it is the best choice for ladies who want to get some high without the whole world finding out about it. It is not very expensive, but has to be found it the right place for the best quality product.

Review - 

Because of its light fruity, pungent smell even when not smoked it a main point of attraction to the youngsters. It is a great choice for beginners to get used to handling the light high and then move on to the greater extent of being stoned and getting high. It is preferred to be cured for about 6 weeks than freshly dyed as it brings out the smoothness in the high. 

Some of the combinations being preferred by smokers are with vodka, bud brewed for a month, and with ice and dry ginger ale. It is not just smoked it can also be eaten, depends on one’s choice of getting a high. If you are looking for a place to get high quality blue mystic seeds in reasonable rates.

  • Flowering time after (days): 50-55
  • THC: 15%-20%
  • Height in cm: 100-130 cm
  • Yield: 400 gr./m2
Grade (5/5)
Ali D

Message d'excuse...

Desolé d'avoir ete un peu speed.Les graines ont germés 1 jour plus tard en leur forcant la main.
Je connaissais pas encore les graines qui mettaient une semaine a germer.Il a fallu que je met ma boite de germination sur la télé et avec 30 degré en 24h c'etait parti.
Ce message est a prendre en compte pour les graines de Misty aussi.
Finalement sur 20 graines j'en ai 18.une de chaque la graine etait petit et ont pas germé...mais bon c 'est pas grave.
Encore toutes mes excuses.
Bon courage a toute l'equipe.

Grade (5/5)
Ali D


Commande reçu en 4 jours.Distance 1200km
La genetique de cet varieté est la Nothern lights X Blue Berry pour info!
Sinon ce site merite d'etre conseillé aux autres !!!
a bientot pour les resultats...c'est en terre!!!

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Grade (3/5)
G. Paris

Graine Blue Mystic

bonne plante mais j'ai eu 6 mal sur 10 plantes....

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Grade (4/5)
S. Grangette

reçu en 6 jours

bien reçu en 6 jours ,on va voir pour la pousse...

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Grade (4/5)
G. Paris

bon boulots

graines reçue en 6 jours. 10 sur 10 graine on germé et poussé. bon boulots .

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Grade (4/5)
G. Thomas

très rapide

commande passe le 1/10/09 argent recu le 5/10/09 reçu le 9/10/09 très rapide. on verra le resultat

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Blue Mystic seeds

Blue Mystic seeds

Blue Mystic cannabis seeds are a good choice for everyone who loves a sweet berry taste, high yield and a relaxing effect.

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