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All of the auto-flowering cannabis seeds on our online shop are female. Cultivators with little previous knowledge will benefit from the simplicity of our service, and can start growing immediately upon receiving their seeds. The highly potent seeds are equally convenient for those who have only a little time or strictly limited space for their cultivation.Discover different auto-flowering seeds in our shop. Our product line includes Amnesia, Lowryder, Northern Light, and Jack Herer among many others. In our grow shop we offer seeds that will yield strains with low, medium and strong effects leaving the cultivator to decide which seeds suit their needs best.Amnesia automatic is a fast growing, large hemp plant. Its quick growth may require regular trimming. If the grow shop seeds sprout under ideal circumstances, Amnesia will reach florescence after about three months along with its prominent frankincense aroma.Lowryder automatic offers the possibility of a very quick harvest. The whole process – from germination to harvest – only takes about eight weeks, Lowryder is therefore hugely popular and is regarded to be the fastest growing plant on the market. At the same time, this robust and reliable auto-bloomer only grows to a marginal height.

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