Affiliate program - FAQ

The High Supplies affiliate program is an easy way to add e-commerce to your website and start earning revenue immediately by referring customers to our website.  

How does the High Supplies affiliate program work?
High Supplies will pay you 15% for sales generated from your site. We handle all the transactions, processing, shipping, and customer service. All you do is sit back and collect money. 

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?
No. Joining the High Supplies affiliate program is absolutely 100% FREE. 

How much do I get paid?
It depends on what kind of traffic your site has, but anyone that clicks through to our site and purchases something will generate 20% commissions for you. We even ignore any fees for credit card processing; compare that with other affiliate programs! 

When do I get paid?
We send your payment by bank every 30 days when your account balance reaches € 30,-. 

Who does High Supplies want as affiliates? 
High Supplies would like any site that compliments ours. These sites would include: shop directories, internet directories, cannabis forums, and cannabis community that attracts a substantial audience likely to be interested in cannabis seeds. We do reserve the right to reject your submission or cancel our affiliate relationship at any time if your site is deemed offensive or is deemed as undesirable for us to be affiliated with. 

How does High Supplies track orders coming from my website?
You place a banner, hyperlink, or text link on your site (you can find the code when you login to your affiliate account) The instant a sale is made, your affiliate account is credited with the appropriate commission. The whole process is virtually invisible to your visitors. 

Does High Supplies have an online reporting feature so that I can keep track of my earnings?
Yes. Just log in and check your stats: number of click-throughs, confirmed sales, pending sales, total commission due, and more. 

How do I create links to High Supplies?
As soon as you complete the online application, the HTML code with the links to our site will be made available to you and you can put them on you site immediately.

Will you provide me with banners and graphics to use for my site?
Yes. We provide a variety of different banners, buttons and graphics for you to put on your site. You can also use just a text link, or design your own banner or graphic as long as we approve it. 

How will visitors to my site place their orders?
our visitors will place their orders directly from us on our secure server. We process, ship, and handle all the customer service, so all you have to do is collect money.

I control more than one website; can I register each of them?
Yes. We would be thrilled for you to put a link of ours on one or more of your sites. We would ask that you register each site independently so that we can properly track them and see which one works better and that we can properly track your commission amounts.