Why Is It Important to Control the pH Level in Cannabis Cultivation?

Published : 12/22/2014 14:10:55
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Why Is It Important to Control the pH Level in Cannabis Cultivation?

It is highly crucial to maintain the pH level within specific limits when cultivating cannabis. All marijuana cultivators should monitor their soil or nutrient solution’s pH level and maintain it in optimum levels. This will decide how efficiently your plants can absorb nutrients. If the level of pH is not correct, many issues may crop up. 

It Can Affect the Growth Rate

If the level of pH in the soil or nutrient solution is not in the optimum range, the rate of growth of your plants may stop or slow down. This is because your plants may not get the right supply of nutrients, thus ending up in nutrient deficiencies. If not treated, your yield may be decreased considerably and the final product’s quality will also be affected. In severe cases, the nutrient deficiencies can even destroy all your crops. So, it is vital to monitor the pH level for your plants’ overall health.   

Nutrient Deficiency May Not be the Problem

When cultivators get to know about the nutrient deficiency, they tend to add more nutrients to the growing medium. However, the actual problem is not the lack of nutrients, but rather the inability of the plant to absorb the food at the inappropriate pH level. This in turn leads to build-up of nutrient sales, which further can worsen the problem as the plant roots will then face problem absorbing all nutrients and water. 

Try the pH Testing Kit

For monitoring the level of pH in your growing medium, it is recommended to buy a pH testing kit to be used whenever you water the plants. This can help to closely observe the pH level and make the needed adjustments.  This way, you can save money and time in the long run. Usually, marijuana grows best in a pH level in the range of 5.5 – 6.5 when it is cultivated hydroponically. For organic cultivation, pH level should be around 6.3.

So, remember that the right pH level is very much crucial to the health of your cannabis plants and their harvest. So, take the effort and time to ensure that it is always maintained at the right level, it will be easier to preserve consistent quality.

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