What Is the Selection Criterion One Must Exercise When Looking for Cannabis Seed

Published : 07/22/2015 10:25:14
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What Is the Selection Criterion One Must Exercise When Looking for Cannabis Seed

This can be very risky as seeds that are chosen without any guidelines are most likely to be low quality seeds which are sure to give very poor harvest. If your goal is to reap a good harvest of plants that are all of good quality of excellent health, then the knowledge of what aspects to look for when picking up cannabis seeds is crucial, more so for a first time shopper of cannabis seeds. These important factors are capsuled in 3 basic points that one must bear in mind when looking up to buy seeds for cannabis plants.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): The different kinds of cannabis contain various levels of THC present in them. This is the main constituent of a cannabis plant. This also happens to be the crucial psychoactive ingredient that gives the distinct characteristic to the cannabis. High amounts of THC are needed in plants that you would want to grow for medicinal purposes. The more the amount of THC, the better profit you make.

Conditions of the Cultivation Property during Growth of Plants: This is one of the most important points to consider when shopping for cannabis seeds. Make sure you pick seeds based on the growing conditions that are required. If you have limited options of growing conditions, pick seeds that will adhere to growing conditions that you can provide. Make sure you go through the description. Websites like SensiSeeds.comgive a clear description of the kinds of growing conditions each kind of cannabis seed requires. 

Variety of Cannabis: There are certain strains that grow very well outdoors and yet some that thrive indoors. And then, there are a few varieties that can be grown anywhere and they will thrive under any circumstances. If seeds that are grown in conditions where they are not supposed to be sowed, the plants that grow could be weak, the growth would be diminutive, which would affect the overall yield of the plant, ultimately resulting in a poor harvest. Keep this in mind and get enough knowledge about the environmental conditions that are best suited for the type of cannabis that you have purchased. 

Choosing the Right Strains: Cannabis strains are available in hundreds of varieties! If you have no idea as to what you are looking for, shopping for these seeds, either online or at physical stores can be quite overwhelming. There are quite a few new breeds that come with very fancy names that can be catchy and rather intriguing for the first-time buyers, so you need to make sure that you only pick a basic breed that serves your purpose. 

These pointers will sure help you get a good harvest that will encourage you to grow more and try newer varieties each time.

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