The importance of drying cannabis buds properly

Published : 11/5/2013 14:41:12
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Ever tasted cannabis buds that made you really wonder how they got so delicious ?
Well, most of the drying process distributes to a wonderful taste and unforgettable effect, if it is carried out correctly you can enjoy your own success !

Of course i understand the impatience after a long period of growing, determine when to harvest was as exciting as finally cutting the plant but believe me, after that long period of waiting another period of keeping your patience starts.
Drying your cannabis buds properly is a time-consuming process but if you do it well your patience will be richly rewarded !
As a grower myself i know how tempting it is to place a bud near your central heating system or oven to let it dry faster, you just can't wait to find out how the buds are tasting and if the effects are what you hoped for.
But try to resist the temptation, the better they dry the better quality buds you'll gain !
Pick a spot where you can hang the branches , make sure no light can enter the room because light breaks down THC and that's what you need to avoid during the drying process.
Also make sure humidity in the drying room is about 60 to 70 % and take it down to 30 to 40% two weeks before the end of the drying process, this contributes to massive production of resin glands across the buds and little leaves.
You can achieve this by placing a bowl of water in the drying room, there are several humidity meters available in grow shops.
Many growers start cutting of big leaves and little branches but guess what…cut off the whole plant at the head branch and hang it upside down,
why ?

Because cannabis plants grow further for a while and hanging it completely the plant will be able to use sugars and nutrients still present and flowing in its branches and leaves, also chlorofyl can turn into a delicious taste.
This all contributes to good quality buds !
It's very important to give the drying process some time, most growers say the plant is dry after two weeks, make sure it doesn't last a shorter time because THC will be damaged if it dries too soon and if it takes longer check regularly for mold or other bad influences such as little flies.

The moment the branches break easily is the moment to remove all leaves, best is too "cure" the buds in an air tight jar and open it once a week to let out possible moist to avoid mold.
Taste , smell and effect benefits from the curing process, the last push to smoking deliciously dry and smooth buds, by your own hands !

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